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E-11 Blaster Cheapest Scratch Build

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Hey Chris : Please don't think I am picking on you or singling you out. I just don't want to see you make 4 steps forward just to take 5 back.

When scratch building something as prominent as the blaster, or anything, there are details that "close" is good enough and others that need to be right on. The Hengstler counter is one of those details that needs to be very close. The first thing I suggest to get are a couple good reference photos like these:attachicon.gifimage.jpgattachicon.gifimage.jpg.

This way you can move your eyes quickly between your work and the picture to see if you nailed it or it needs adjusting.

A couple things stick out to me. First, the rear cover, as you have it, is either too small, the screw is way too big or both. You can see on the reference pic that this tiny screw is to the one side but is dead center in the middle of the cover. I measured my screw at just over 3mm so this is tiny. The next thing is the step down in size between the rear cover and the front portion. On the reference pic, you can see this difference us minimal at best. The other thing are the two vertical channels you have on the side of the rear cover. I have no idea what these represent???

Scratch building is an art. Stick with this!!!! You have a great start! But have your reference photos close so you can train your eyes to pic up the small details. Sometimes, those are the most important ones.


You know what I'm having trouble with... My reference was a scratch build of someone else's counter.  So it's one step away from an original counter.  


This is what I was going off of as a reference:



And the vertical channels are from that and other references like this:



Of course now that I look at real counters, there are no grooves like that.

Looks like my current screws are 5mm (instead of your 3mm).


Thanks for the tip.



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Yeah.......I would avoid that. There are sooooooooo many reference pics to guide you better. I mean, that picture shows an "x" head screw on the side which was NEVER used.

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Yeah, slow and steady gets it there.  This is a great start on am ambitious build, we all have plenty of screw ups along the way.

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