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Was it just the difference in lighting?

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I'm in the process of putting together everything for my third helmet build and I plan to make this one an ESB version.  The other two are ANH and I thought it would make a good contrast for my display wall (posted below)  In an effort to get the paint right, I've been doing a lot of research about ESB paint schemes vs. ANH.  From what I've read, the traps and tears are the same gray, but almost every photo that I've seen it looks like the ESB helmet traps and tears are almost a light blue-ish.


I'm sure that's not right, which is why I asked the question in my subject line.  Am I crazy or does anyone else see the same thing I do?  I just want to get it right.


Light Blue?




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In the Star Wars Helmets link, you can see the decals right next to the painted ear detail in order to compare the two colours. I would say the sticker grey colour is a little cooler than the paint, but not exactly blue.

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Old post I know, but some new reference photos of screen-used helmets of both ANH Hero and ESB Stunt helmets are available in the book "Star wars, les objets du mythe (French)" by Patrice Girod and Arnaud Grunberg.  Mr. Grunberg owns an extensive collection of props from the Star Wars saga photographed for the book.  In it, the slightly bluish color of the traps and tears in the ESB decals is clearly evident.  It differs from the "ANH gray" paint color on the ANH Hero.  The ear rank bar of the ESB helmet is ANH gray and differs from the bluish color of the ESB tear/trap decal color.  So, it's not the lighting using by Kershner in ESB that gives rise to the different hue of those decals.  It's a different color.  Photographs were uploaded from the book to another forum, but the authors asked they be taken down, so unfortunately I can't post the pictures here.

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