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DLT19 by ASH....


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Hi all, I´ve just joined the FISD, because I´m a future trooper and this is the place to come.


I´ve decided to post here because I did few months ago my personal view of this beautiful blastech (for me the best in films).


I proceed to show you the process I followed and the final result....hope you like it...


The overall process has six parts:


1- 3D modelling

2- 3D printing

3- Moulding

4- Casting

5- Mounting

6- Painting


1- First of all I got all plans and measurements and fortunately I had got acces to a real MG34, this was an extra point, so I could take the measures directly from an original one. Although I was taking these measures, then, in the 3D modelling process I had to make some little changes because of posterior moulding process requirements (things like very thin walls or very weak parts, things like those, my final DLT19 is resin made not metal). Here you have some screen captures showing the 3D modelling process...







2- The first 3D printed pieces....





The aim or sight is functional......


Let´s make the barrel and le´ts go to see how the printed parts fit and look like in their place...


First I did all holes in the barrel to get the most approximated look...






Let´s see....





It looks good for me, let´s go for the "T" tracks....this time I used foamed pvc to make each one of the models by hand (there are three different "t" tracks in the DLT)...






3 - 4- Because of the weakness of this material and because it would be a mess to do each "T" track everytime I need them...I did molds of them to cast in resin...




For the same reason I prepared the rest of the pieces for moulding process to cast them in resin that is more durable...







5- Mounting the parts together.....




I decided to include the inner cannon to make its look more realistic....









6- Painting....I gave a base layer of silver and then I gave thin layers of a dark brown to make it looks like old metal some scratch effects make it looks better....








For the rest of the body I followed the same processes...I´ll not post the step by step pics in order not to over charge the post but I put you some pics showing it.....














































EDITED - IMPORTANT: I do NOT share or sell the 3D files, I do NOT sell it in kit, I only sell it fully assembled and painted.


It´s weight is about 2,6 kg


It´s price is 340 euros plus shipping


The shipping costs to USA are 85 euros... to most of Europe countries are 50 euros, to Canada, Japan and Australia 95 euros, the rest of countries please ask me. The process is via PM.

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Oh my gosh! ........Absolutlely awesome work! I was just asking Soren on his post what he meant when he posted he had an Ash DLT kit.


Hope you are going to offer a kit. Put me down for a one if so.


Great work Ash! Super trooper!

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I just received mine yesterday, and it is a really really great replica. I will post a comparison review later today in my dlt-19 thread.

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Jajajajajajajaja, Wow....I´m just very surprised....thanks for your kind words, Soren, many thanks for your comment, hope you will enjoy it....for those who are really interested write me a private message and let´s talk about.


Thanks again for all your comments, Soren please don´t be too rough with my kit in that comparisson jejejejeje ;), it´s a joke......tell just what you think about it.

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I'm absolutely loving your DLT, am interested in price will PM you soon, as I'm in Australia, freight could be the issue.



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Ha, ha, ha!

¡Que campeón!


Ash, could it be possible to upload the original 3D files to Thingiverse or a similar place?

I think it would greatly help other people in the Legion.

Awesome work mate, as usual.



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Ha, ha, ha!

¡Que campeón!


Ash, could it be possible to upload the original 3D files to Thingiverse or a similar place?

I think it would greatly help other people in the Legion.

Awesome work mate, as usual.



Yes this woul be great,

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Hey Sly11 - Im in the market for a DLT-19 too....maybe we can arrange some sort of shared shipping cost if we buy a few? I know at least one other trooper in Melbourne looking for one as well..,,,

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Not a bad idea HansDC, am currently researching local makers and diagrams to possibly build my own, will let keep you posted.



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Hey....many many thanks for the kind words.... I have not sent any DLT to Australia yet...I have heard that this country customs are very hard...anyone who has shipped anything to Australia?.......


Thanks again for the kind words.

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