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Fokker210's Walt 80% ANH Stunt Build


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This will be my first build, a kid size Walt 80% armor set for my 10 year old son. He is super excited about this and cant wait for Halloween !


Walt was a pleasure to deal with - a super nice guy !


I have followed Chookaboom's thread detailing his own 80% build and I just hope mine can come close to what he has done....it's been very inspirational !


I will do my best to chronicle the progress as it is made - should be a valuable learning experience as I wait for my ATA armor to arrive. Please feel to chime in but don't hammer me too much ( nothing like a newb with a deadline ), as I'm sure to make plenty of mistakes ! I hope to also generally annoy a lot of you with numerous questions and requests for advise and assistance. Not going after Centurion here.....just want my Son to feel like he is the real deal ! Man, this is going to be FUN !!!



Kicking it off with the big brown box pic.....Note the SW packing tape....awesome !




And all of the win contained inside....



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My Son is 4'7"

From what I understand and as noted in Chookaboom's thread, the ideal Ht. for this armor is 4'6" and could be trimmed down to 4' and utilized up to 4'11".


Gazmosis, I would love to see how yours is coming along !

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Have been doing a little trimming, just to get rid of some of the flash.



Using an Exacto for the initial big bites gets me something like this....



Which results in a box full of this....


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After the pieces have been trimmed down close to where I want them, I then use a Dremel with a flap wheel to carefully take the edge down where I feel it needs to be. Then finish it off with a final hand sanding along the edges.


Most of the torso armor is now trimmed and the fitting should be starting soon !




And...my little guy couldn't resist the "trying on of the helmet that I cant see out of or breathe in"!


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Lol...man i love this thread!!!!....the star wars tape was my wife thinking she was going to make fun of me....wait till i show her!!!.yes i do leave a lot of extra on the peices...i tried to make it to be used on different thickness of kids.... keep it going

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Also starting to size the legs....

Boots by TK Boots, size 6 with gel insoles and thicker socks - hopefully a little room to grow !




And, he was so tickled about actually getting a chance to try on some of the armor, he asked if we could take a shot with his blaster !



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Short update....more trimming and starting to plan out final fitting, strapping and assembly.

I have found the Dremel flap wheel to be extremely useful !






Drop boxes...






And a shrunken thermal det !



That's all for now !

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The belt order was placed a few days ago with him for a scaled down version - should be arriving soon !

The boots are TK Boots size 6....a little big at the moment, but thick socks and insoles are helping. Hopefully he can stay in them for a bit before he outgrows them !

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Worked on some basic fitting this evening.....nothing is strapped yet (other than the painters tape strapping job) and none of the pieces have been permanently closed up. Just trying to work out fit issues, finding pinch points, etc.


might try to use velcro closures where possible to see how long I can make the armor last for him...not sure if we can make it work again a year from now if I close up everything permanently but, we will see !


Boy, he is super excited about this !











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He is 4'7" ..... None of the pieces have really been trimmed for length other than opening up the ankle openings of the shin pieces. My goal is to keep as much length on the pieces as I can so he might be able to wear this as long as possible.

I know I will have to trim some off the back of the thighs as they are digging in pretty good - I think you can see some of the rough trim lines I made on the rear of the thighs in the above rear shot.

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