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Auto paint? Or spray paint?

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Depending on what you want to do, I used acrylic. easily washed if you want to change it. If you use enamel it is permanent. So you have to make sure that is what you want it to look like. My profile pic shows my bucket, it used to have one orange stripe, and with hot water I washed it off and made 2 black highlights on my bucket.

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i doubt the rustoleum professional we use comes in pink, but enamel is what youd want. id suggest get your white armor 501st approved to open up your options and contacts for getting more costumes, then paint it. youll want to use a random orbital sander with between 600 to 800, wash the dust off, then lay a light coat of primer, followed by 2 coats of the pink, and a clear if youd like. be warned through a few troops youll have paint rubbing off between the thighs near the crotch, tops of the boots, and the biceps under the shoulder bells. possibly the ab plate from the chest rubbing as well.


alternatively you could use vinyl wrap like for ads on cars and decals and such. heat it with a heat gun and press it onto the armor. itll be less work and more durable than paint and can also be removed later.

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