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Vacuum pump

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Hi. This is just a quick question that probably has been asked before but as I have finished my vac table and a surge tank set up also made up I am looking for a decent vac pump to use INDOORS.

The tables got a vac surface of 60cm square and if my calculations are right there are 2 6ltr tanks for holding the air.


I have seen a few options and they are around 1.5 too 4 CFM and have an HP of 1/4.


This is a range of pics of my table set up



All help as usual greatly appreciated

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Cheers for that. I was looking at that site. I'm only looking to do minimum pulls. Currently trying my hand at pepakura build. Done the helmet but not started hardening it. Going to make it into a mold a use it to pull some HIPS.

Should really start showing off my new pride and joy before getting to far ahead in the helmet and armour so people believe me lol

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