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TK-23325 Requesting ANH Stunt EIB Status [ATA][395]

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Frank Williams TK-23325

Virginia, USA

Garrison Tyranus

Armor = ATA

Helmet= ATA

Blaster= Hasbro/Doopy-Doos

Height = 5'9"

Weight = 170 lbs

Boots = Bass Amsterdams that I dyed

Canvas belt = TKittell

Hand Plates = Raw latex painted white

Neck Seal = Darman

Holster = Darman









Left side:



Left side arm up:



Left side detail:



Right side:



Right side arm up:



Right side detail:



Action shot:



Helmet front:



Helmet left:



Helmet right:



Helmet rear:



Mic detail:



Lens color:



Neck seal:



Interior strapping:



Ab detail:






Holster attachment:








Latex hand guards:



Blaster left:



Blaster right:






Thank you so much for your time and consideration!

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Hey Frank! Looking sweeeeeet brother! I have an ATA myself. Great kit. A few things I notice moving forward to Centurion and to help your overall look. Some things I mention will need fixing, others may or may not need fixing so please wait for Steve's input before you make any changes. Overall your build looks fantastic! The strips on the backs of your calves will need to be trimmed down so they don't overlap the ridge at the top of the calf, like THIRD PIC. Same for the backs of your thighs. The cover strip is covering the ridge on the back of the thigh, those will need to be trimmed up as well.......Your hand painting on your helmet is fantastic. Well done! The traps and tears look amazing. The gray on your ears might be a little generous as far as coming out away from the edges a bit much. We'll see what Steve says. Also, I don't think it's necessary but you may want to trim up your sniper plate (the portion that rises above the front of the calf) a bit to make it look a little sharper likeSECOND PIC.  Next, it looks like you trimmed a little too much off of the control panel on your thermal detonator. Either that or your pipe is too long. It should look like FIRST PIC. If you want to be super accurate, change out your thermal detonator screws to slotted pan head screws painted black. Also you will need the white elastic bands that connect the shoulder bridges to the back plate. Last but not least, if you do plan to go for Centurion, you will for sure need to get an accurate E-11. (Hyperfirm, Doopy's resin, etc.) Good luck with your application! I wish you the best! :jc_doublethumbup:

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Hey Jason! Thanks for the kind words and advice brother! ATA all the way!! 😄 The cover strip/ridge area gave me a fit on this build. I had some showing me pics covered and others not covered. So I kinda used the rule " it's easier to cut plastic than add plastic" 😊. As for the TD, I can't find the correct screws anywhere locally. Looks like I'm gonna have to outsource for those. And I'll have to measure the TD, because I had the ends off of it a few days ago, and just eyeballed them back on. It's gonna be a while before I try for Centurion, mostly because I don't have the funds to tackle a new blaster right now. Thanks too for the comments about my paint job. That means a lot when hours of meticulous work gets noticed! I sure appreciate your help!!

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Frank, way to represent Garrison Tyranus!! Your build looks amazing!! I LOVE your helmet! The painting looks phenomenal and I like that you went with a low brow. Looks menacing! The only other thing I would add to Jason's comments is your forearms look a tad big. May not affect approval, but would definitely improve overall look. Either way, I can't wait to troop with you and see this kit up close! Good luck!



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Steve, Anthony, & Eugene, thanks guys, it means a lot!!! I thought I posted this before my previous comment but it didn't post. I wasn't snubbing you guys! :duim: 


Jonathon, my fellow GT brother, thanks a bunch!! ATA's forearms are big out of the box, and it bothers me that they look big in pics too :huh:  I may be able to angle them back a tad, but the wrist openings are barely big enough as they are for my hands to fit thru. Your kit is awesome by the way! Looking forward to trooping with a Centurion soon!!

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At least your forearms aren't distracting. I've seen some that look like Popeye!


Forgot to mention that I was sad not to see your wedding day photo making it in with the submission photos---pretty awesome stuff!



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Forgot to mention that I was sad not to see your wedding day photo making it in with the submission photos---pretty awesome stuff!



Ask, and ye shall receive :D

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I have the same problem with my forearms. Small at the wrist and wider at the top. I had to put a good bit of foam inside to fit them properly. It didn't affect either of my applications.

That's good to know. I used the forearm/bicep strapping, but I might add some foam too.

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Hey Frank! Thank you so much for your EIB application. Great to see such a well fitting ATA. Let's take a look at your armor!


CRL and EIB Application Requirements:

All required submission photos have been posted. Your armor meets all requirements for EIB. With that I would like to congratulate and welcome you to EIB!!!


Other-Armor Fit/Assembly:

This is the section where the suggestions from other troopers and myself can lead to improving the overall look of your armor. Nothing mentioned here will affect any application.

Jason brought up a couple good points some I will mention also in the next section. You have great paint work on your helmet. Good detail and not to thick edge lines around the traps. Also well painted are your ab buttons. ATA's buttons are molded bigger than most and often painted too large because people think the entire raised portion should be painted. Nice call on that! 

Something you might want to address is the excessive return edge on the sides of your chest. You can see the minimal return edge on this screen used chest:gallery_12157_59_22008.jpgI added a couple suggested trim lines on pics of your armor:


Typically return edges are right around 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch in these areas.

One more thing....I like the upgrade on the inner strap brackets but did you use pop rivets to secure them to the armor? 


Centurion Suggestions:

I love seeing so many builds come right for Centurion! With all the details you have added, I can only assume we will see your application!

There are a couple things that will need to be upgraded, though.

First, as you already know, a Sterling based Blaster is a requirement. Second is a point Jason made regarding the cover strips on the backside of your thighs and calf closures. As you see on this screen used thigh, the cover strip does not extend past the lower molded ridge of the thigh or the upper ridge on the calf.gallery_12157_59_18998.jpgThe last suggestion is to make sure your drop boxes can align with the outer edge of your waist belt. Please make sure your Centurion photos show this alignment clearly. Oh.....I hear you got that slotted screw issue solved ;)


Congratulations again!!! Great looking armor!   


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Thanks so much guys!!! I'm so proud to part of the EIB ranks! Like I said before, it'll be a while before I get to tackle a new blaster, but it will happen! Looking forward to making the adjustments mentioned and having my armor looking top notch!


And special thanks to our DO Steve. Turns out there are some pretty helpful guys around here ;-)


Oh, and Steve, I did modify my strapping bracket attachment for strength with ABS shims and extra washers. I used #6 slotted countersunk screws. I also cut down some rubber screw protectors and glued them on a few screws that were scratching the ab & kidney plates. I'll post pics of that when I apply for Centurion. Oh, and new pics of slotted TD screws too :-)


Thanks again!!!!!

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I couldn't see the screws clearly. They looked like rivets. It's all good. I can't wait to see your upgrades. You will see the difference. Congrats and it was a pleasure to help out!

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