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MTK Build - Going Sandy!

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Hey everybody. I picked up a ATA kit back in April and then a MTK kit last month. I decided to start with the MTK and make it a sandy and keep the ATA nice and shiny for my wife. Here is the obligatory Brown Box pic of me and my MTK.  I have already started trimming and have taken some pictures, but I am not near as diligent at taking progress pictures as some of the awesome guys here, whom I have been reading for some months already. But I will try.......


Anyway, here we go!



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Thanks guys. It has been years since I have built armor. I had a FX back in 2000 and armor is VERY different now!


I will post some of the progress pics I have so far in the next day or two. Already started my backpack some weeks ago to.

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I have not been updating this thread much since my build has been geared towards a sandy, but if anyone is watching, here is a few pics. The lighting is kinda crappy, but I plan on doing some better ones this weekend.


I am almost done. :)







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Thanks guys! As we all know, it is a labor of love!


The notch on the top left thigh I did on purpose. My intent from the beginning was to aim for SWAT and do Move Along. I have posted TONS of build pics, including my pack build thread over on MEPD. Didn't figure there would be as much interest in the dirty stuff over here.


I am however getting ready to start my ATA build that is staying shiny and clean :) I will try to document that as well as I can. One more build thread is not a bad idea right? :)



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Thanks for all the kind words about the weathering. I have had a number of people ask me how I did it. I certainly did not innovate any new technique, but I did kinda find my own way after looking at a few different, and awesome, threads about weathering over at MEPD.NET. I am gonna make a video on a spare piece ABS I have to show how I achieved these results. I only used 4 colors.


Again, thanks for all the kind words :)

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Actually Barcode, it does not sound silly at all! Going Sandy is really taking a "plunge" with your armor. But once it is done and you look at the results.........well, even though it's mine, I cant stop looking at pictures of it! :)


Thanks for the kind words again everyone!!!!


For those interested in a weathering technique, I read this thread before I started. Once I did the first shin, I found a method that worked for me. Hope I am not out of line posting this link to the MEPD.NET



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You have done a wonderful job on the weathering. Very nice patterns, they really look natural and it's not overdone. 


I would just add a strap between your forearms and biceps so they stick together, and then drop a little the biceps. And after that i think we could all just move along...

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Thanks for the kind words on my weathering Horseman!


I actually didn't want to add that strapping detail to the forearms and biceps, although I did consider it many times. I can move my arms much easier with them where they are. I know it may not be as screen accurate, but it is definitely more accurate for mobility!

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