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TK27883 requesting ESB Stunt EIB Status[TM][396]

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Requesting EIB Status on my first armor.

Build Thread for reference/additional details: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/24066-another-esb-tm-for-the-german-garrison/?hl=%2Bfront%26amp%3B%238208a%26amp%3B%238208little#entry307537



Armor Maker = TM
Helmet Maker = TM
Blaster Type = RS Props Resin recast
Height = 177cm
Boots Maker = TKboots
Canvas belt = TM accurate
Holster Maker = TM
Full Body
Armor Details
I hope this pic is sufficient to deal as an action shot.
Helmet Details
Acessory Details
Thank you for supporting such a great Hobby!
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Nice job :duim:


You might want to clean up the right thigh though.  I had that problem with the holster rubbing on it and leaving the black marks, but I used some Novus plastic polish and it came right off.

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Hi Brian


Thx for that hint. It definately Looks a bit too battert otherwise it would pass as battle damage :-)


Let me tell you I am very happy to be part of that awesome group of people.





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Hey Christoph! Great looking build sir! Just a few things I notice moving forward to Centurion and to help your overall look. Nothing that will affect EIB I don't think. Just remember, don't make any changes until instructed to do so by the DL. The holster rubbing has already been mentioned......The decals you have in your traps and tears seem a bit small for the space. It would be nice to see those areas filled in all the way to the edges. Also, if you'd like to get rid of the gap in your "S" trim, just run it so it meets under the vocoder so the gap doesn't show. Blaster looks a little rough but I don't know much about RS blasters so I'll let someone else chime in on that. On your ear bumps it looks like you painted in between the bumps instead of actually painting the bumps, this may need to be corrected. Good luck with your application! I wish you the best! :jc_doublethumbup:

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RS blaster (ESB) is cast of a Pugman blaster that they own. I think it was used in the promo shots?  :)

Yup! They bought Pugman's master mould and the rights to cast new copies of it.

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I don't remember if that blaster is the actual pugman, but the pugman is like the one in the picture.


Here's another from the same photoshoot.


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Seems you and Patrick did some armor building (and thigh bruising) together!! Hey Christoph! Thank you for your EIB application.Another great set of TM armor coming through!! Let's look at your armor!

CRL and EIB Application Requirements: 

You seem to be missing one picture, but I will ask to you post two. The one you are missing is a close-up of your hovi tip details, but I would also like you to post a fully lit pic of your helmet face without backlighting for your lens color. Here is why. The black paint on your teeth cannot exceed the teeth and go in between them. It might just be a case of the lighting direction but I need to be sure. If the paint is indeed past the teeth onto the spaces in between, it needs to be removed. When this is clear, I will go forward with the approval.


Other-Armor Fit/Assembly:

This section is where observations are made that may not affect your applications, but may go towards improving the overall look of your armor.

For those of you who may be newer troopers, the Pugman blaster was brought up. What is the difference between this and other blasters? The base ESB blaster is without the power cylinders on the magazine well or the Hengstler counter like in ANH. Although the M19 scope is prefered over the M38, both are accepted. The original Pugman promo blaster has the obvious greeblies added to the left, right and top of the blaster. Items removed were the magazine release button on the top/rear of the mag housing, the small cylinder on the backside of the mag housing, and the "D" ring and holder from the butt cap. An additional small strip of T-track was added just behind the bayonet lug. I cannot recall if the front muzzle is different. Please chime in to confirm/deny this! It's a cool blaster that is a fine addition to any ESB armor.


Back to your armor, Your dirty armor is fine with me. It adds a little battle action and authenticity without going overboard. The only other thing I wanted to bring up was a comment regarding the positioning of your rank bars on your ears. As long as they are present, I am OK with it. However, they should be painted ON the bumps themselves and not in between them. A very easy fix if you ask me. ;)


Centurion Suggestions:

With all the detailing and hard work you have put into your armor, I can only assume you will be shooting for Centurion.

The only thing I want to address regarding this is the gap on your right torso side. Since you have full closure on your left side, I wasn't going to split hairs regarding your EIB. However, if you end up applying for Centurion, this gap must be eliminated down to a single seam. From looking at your body type, this looks like a belt tightening issue, but whatever it is, it needs to be removed for Centurion pictures.


You have a wonderful set of armor and I am sure you are making your Garrison proud. Please post up those pics so I can see if that paint is between the teeth or not. Don;t forget about the Mic tip pic as well so we can move towards your approval.

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Dear Steve


Thank you a lot for your detailed feedback. I will add the pictures you requested after removing the lacks of my armor. Here's what I will fix:


1. Removing the paint between the teeth. You're right I made it mistakely wrong and will now remove it.

2. The gap on my right torso side can be accused to my love for great food^^ I will tighten up the belt next time and definately lower my hip a bit^^

3. Add all pictures needed


A question to the rank bars on my ears. I painted them according to some pictures of the original ESB helmets like this one from starwarshelmets.com.




I just wanted to double check first before I change the bars.



So far, thank you for all your help. I will do my very best do make you all proud of me and to call an astonishing trooper my own.





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Sounds great!!! You just keep the rank bars right where you have them. It's fine!  We are already proud of you! The fact that you have been out serving the Legion making people smile for time you have is incredible! These badges will just be a bonus. Oh...and the fact you can fit in Troopermaster armor!!!

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And finally we came to shoot the requested pics. I am so excited!!


lesser gap



Remastered Helmet




Hovi tip details



Please let me know if you have any questions.



I am really looking forward!!






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CHRISTOPH!!! Well done!!! The mic tips I knew were there it's just that the application requires a picture of it. Your use of Imperial dental floss is awesome!! Looks SOOO much better. That side shot is money!!! I hope to see a Centurion application from you.

With that I would like to congratulate and welcome you to EIB!!!!

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Awesome! Thank you so much for that award! I appreciate it so much! The imperial dental floss was really hard to get but I made it^^ Patrick's mansion has all you need for armor care ;-)


Centurion application is in process :-)

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