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Batphobic's MTK build


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Hello all,


I've been documenting my MTK build on a blog. It requires an additional click to get to it from here but the audience of my write-up includes family members and such that aren't members of FISD. Hope that doesn't deter too many folks from heading over there and then giving some feedback here.


I've been documenting how this whole thing began for me, quirks of the armor, and mistakes I've made and learned from.


As I progress in the journey and the blog I'll update this thread.


I will be taking this thing all the way to TD but so far I've not documented the TD portions of the journey so hopefully people here get some benefit from my experiences.


Here's the link:




Thanks for looking!



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Thanks Haui and Steve!


WOW, especially the blaster build.  One thing I havent seen anyone else do is what you did with the magnets, gona use that idea.


thanks for sharing

Thanks Rick! I certainly can't take credit for the magnets though. Got the idea from others here but yeah, not sure how anyone would build a suit without them.

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Hi everyone -- 


I suppose this is goodbye (because I'm now sandy lol). Just kidding.


Thanks once again everyone for the comments and tips and support while building out my sandtrooper. I just got approved! TD20290!


For anyone interested, I secured TD20290.com, ported my blog over there, and finished up the posts taking it all the way to the end. I have my first troop tomorrow for a 4th of July parade in Atlanta!





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