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Which armor is best for a 5'6"-5'7" build…

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My friend is looking to buy some TK armor, but I am not to sure on what armor is best for a build of 5'6"-5'7", anyone able to chime in and give me some advice? Would greatly appreciate it. I was looking at the ATA armor, not sure how well that is for his build any suggestions?

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I noticed RS and TM not being on the list. I am 5'7" and about 165 , my RS fits a little tighter than my TM, but, the TM is a bit more mobile.


I have a MTK we are getting ready to assemble for my oldest who is 5'6" and only 145, we will see how that goes.


Steffen knows his stuff too, so I'm sure you could pick from all above mentioned armours .


Good luck.

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I have MTK armor and I am putting it together right now.  The armor seems awesome to me.  MTK is a member and you can PM him for info.  His email is also on his profile.  The whole transaction from start to finish was very simple and effortless. 

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