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TK-24336 Requesting ESB EIB Status [MTK][405]

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My GML Thomas Gardner did not like my Horizontal bicep straps, so I hid them in the photos. I like having them, and i was wondering about EIB approval. So, I guess the verdict is in, and straps are OK? 


Is it not ultimately up to the GML of your Garrison, or would Legion command have the final say>?


Edit: You're armor looks awesome. & Roger that on the Detachment leader having final say. I am going for EIB myself shortly , and will not be weary of the straps. 

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The ESB TK CRL doesn't state that bell straps are required, but for accuracy sake they should be there. They don't necessarily have to "show" or be as "obvious" as stunt TK straps .I had no problems with my GML approving my TK with visible bell straps. It might just be personal taste with your GML Thomas. If he told you to change it for approval then you have done so. But when it comes down to EIB and Centurion the Detachment Leader will instruct on the proper configuration.

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Everything has been done, just waiting to take the pics for resubmission. Hopefully soon :)


Thanks for the words of encouragement and direction!

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After reading about the Kidney Plate notch and subsequent reversal for EIB status, I am now ready to submit. Thank you to all that are holding us to a higher standard. I know it is for the greater good for all.  :salute:


Here are  the requested shoulder to bicep horizontal strap photos and a few resubmit photos covering details that were recommended by others or may not have been clear in my original submisstion:




Left shoulder to bicep strap this is installed without the "J Hook" as it will move in and out of sight depending on my arm position.




Right shoulder to bicep strap, installed similar to the left also without use of the "J Hook"




Left drop box alignment and repositioning of the belt higher on the waistline.




Drop box backing cover detail




Right knee ammo box mounting rivet detail




Sniper plate mount and shin velcro closure side view.




Right side view including helmet ear stripe update from ANH to ESB. Note blaster scope weathering toned down.




Overall fitting again with the changes.




Action shot arresting a smuggler trying to move some Rebel contraban... "those were NOT the droids we were looking for..."


Thank you for your support and let me know if there are any further action on my part for my resubmission. :D


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Alright Adam!!! You made it back!! I have to say, you have done some outstanding followup and put forth an incredible effort to make your armor everything it can be. Let's take a good look!!!


CRL and EIB Application Requirements:

All required submission photos have been posted. The only real issue with EIB before were the lack of bicep straps in the shoulder bells. With your upgrade, your armor meets all requirements for Expert Infantry!! Congratulations and welcome to EIB!!!


Other-Armor Fit/Assembly:

This is the section where myself and your fellow troopers give suggestions to better the overall look of your armor. 

You have already addressed all of these suggestions with open arms and made them great! I have nothing further to add here.


Centurion Suggestions:

I only have one thing that you should be aware of. If you are going to continue the use of the fabric gloves and decide to apply for Centurion, make sure you install the correct 5 star, double stitch pattern on each glove. One set of stitches in front along the knuckle line and two on each side. You can see three of the five on this trooper's glove.V1067407.JPG


Congrats again!!!!!

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Thank you Gazmosis (Steve) for your guidance. I know you have the detachment's best interest in mind with all the recommendations and some times drawing a hard line in the sand. It takes a real commitment on our end to uphold these values and to make sure those who follow us do the same!


My journey is far from different but unique to my own experiences, it DOES feel challenging and at times unobtainable. However, once the door of accomplishment have been crossed, it opens a whole new outlook on what is possible. With that I am greatful for the support of all that left their legacy behind for us to follow and encourage those who are right with me or even just dreaming of the possibly to continue and never waiver. If I can, so can YOU! :)


Thanks Glen and Steve for the congrats and special thanks to Ian for following my build and your great support! I hope I can return the same when it is your turn!



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