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how to size the back for shorter trooper?

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Hello all - 


I have a question about how to size the back.


On the front there's some leeway to simply overlap the chest/ab piece more for slightly shorter troopers. (right? I know about the trick to cut the cod but I'm not really that short - 5'9").


But what about the back? If I line up the back piece, the kidney piece, and the butt piece and it's too tall then what would I trim? The kidney piece? Maybe I'd trim the bottom of the kidney piece (removing the return edge) but then just cover that with the belt?


Thanks for any help --

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I think you've solved the problem on many levels by moving the adjustment line down to a lower part.


cutting the bottom of the kidney plate, and perhaps even a little off the butt plate would solve your problem in a great way.

also it's possible to raise the backplate up a little bit. by putting the shoulder bridges and elastic straps closer together

at the top of your shoulders.  making the distance from the back plate to the chest plate at the top of the shoulder closer



on some fittings in the movie suits the tops of the shoulders are almost touching.

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