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DroidHunter's ATA armor build

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Looking good, Bill!


I'm hoping to be just slightly behind you in submitting my submission pics.


Job well done on the build though! Approval should be a simple forgone conclusion. ;)

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Hey Keith, that was just wrong! :) Well.... No, that was just wrong! Hope to see you out trooping soon my friend.


Yes, I will at some point strap the biceps to the forearms. When I put my bucket on, I forgot to ask my wife to slide the biceps back into place. Probably will lower the thigh straps just a touch as well.

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I have been approved by my Garrison. Now just a matter of time.... :smiley-sw013:

Awesome!  Congratulations for this level of approval.  I'll save all of the exclamation points for the NEXT approval.  ;) 

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And thanks to my fellow Carida Tim as well! Sorry brother, missed you post on the last page. I've been following your thread over on Carida.


No problem, Thanks for keeping an eye out for me, I am just waiting on my e-mail to say ARMOR HAS SHIPPED. 

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