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Big 501st presence every year... it's where I was inspired to become a Stormtrooper... Come on Down!




Be sure to get a Membership ID first, if you don't have that ticket sales are moot.


Also, hotel situation is HELL. Good luck to anyone trying to get a hotel in the entire San Diego area. Some people find weekly apartment rentals to be more affordable and less hassle. Last year my husband and I applied separately and neither of us got ANY hotel ANYWHERE in their lottery system. Hotel reg comes some weeks after badge reg. Some friends got various places, one even got the Marriott. No idea how any of it works, but it's frustrating. If you do get to the hotel lottery, try to get a hotel as close to the red line as you can, so you can at least hop the train in or out of costume to get there.


Also about the 501st presence... we get one very small fan table on the Mezzanine. We do not have ANY changing rooms, storage area, or special sauce in any way shape or form.


There is almost no parking anywhere nearby. Parking ranges from $20 to $40 for the day. Read all signs. 


So if you plan to 'troop" it or be in the big photo shoot (usually Sat morning on the back staircase, yes you need a badge) and you do not get a hotel room at the Marriott Marina or Hilton, you have to walk the streets or take the trolley. And in a TK that is a scary prospect, given the blaster and thermal det and some other parts can break or be stolen easily if you're not careful. If you know someone who got a room close by and will let you use it for staging in and out of costume that's awesome.


Not saying this to scare anyone away, just that this con has gotten so big that you really need to know what you're up against before you fork out the money for tickets! :D


Also, if you plan to go to a big event like in Hall H, expect to camp overnight on the sidewalk. Two years ago my husband drove 3 hours down to get in the super early morning (still dark) line for one event... and 20 people in front of him they closed it and he didn't even get in.


I didn't go last year because we didn't get hotel. The year before I drove down (3 hr, 3am departure) for just one day. I always hope to go, but it really depends on the situation.


ALL THAT SAID, this is truly the con of cons.

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One beneficial thing is that the convention hall has large bag check in areas.  Last year, (and in years past though I wouldn't know first hand) the bag check let us check in our bins.  I got to know some of them so well, they even let me grab my bin change out and then give it back to them without having to pay twice.  Nice folks.


As for changing, the only options are either the restroom or just out in the open; which is not as bad as it sounds haha..


I had a motel in Chula Vista with a parking pass downtown, so even if you don't get something right downtown, it is doable.  Exhausting, but doable.

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Thank you Ingrid and Francisco for sharing your experiences.   I was wondering how to prepare for a Comic Con troop and how meet up with the Southern California Garrison (if I wanted to troop the event in my armor).

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editing because right after i posted i woke up enough to correct myself..


I haven't made it to San Diego, I have enough problems getting everything booked fro DragonCon every year to add that to the mix, but all the advice is valid for any big cons

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