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TK-18113 Requesting ANH Stunt EIB Status [ATA][357]

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TK-18113 Requesting ANH Stunt EIB Status [ATA]


Name = Luis Jimenez-Trevino

ID = TK-18113

FISD Name = luigimamone

Garrison = Spanish Garrison


Armor = ATA

Helmet= ATA

Blaster= Doopydo’s E-11 full resin


Height = 5' 11"

Weight = 154 lbs

Boots = Jodhpur Boots (self-dyed)

Canvas belt = TK5847

Hand Plates = White ABS - ATA

Electronics = Dual fan self-made helmet areators

Neck Seal = TK5847

Holster = TK5847


The helmet is hand painted (humbrol grey #5 + black permanent edding 3000 marker) + Decals (Dave M Decals from Trooperbay)


Armor Lid Off




Armor Front




Armor Back




Armor Left




Armor Right




Armor Right (detail)




Armor Left (detail)




Armor Abdomen (detail) OLD ABDOMEN BUTTONS



Armor Abdomen (detail) NEW ABDOMEN BUTTONS




Armor Action




Armor Cod and Butt




Armor Interior Strapping




Helmet Front




Helmet Left Side




Helmet Right Side




Helmet Back




Helmet Hovi Tip




Helmet Lens Color




Blaster Left




Blaster Right




Blaster D-Ring




Neck Seal




Thermal Detonator Back




Thermal Detonator Front




Holster Attachment Front




Holster Attachment Back




Thank you for your consideration


P.S.: I have seen in a previous EIB request some Trooper with sniper plate problems.

I’ve had the same issue with the length of the sniper plate and I have already shortened it.


Sniper plate (before)




Sniper plate (after)




Edited by luigimamone
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Excellent Job!!


The only thing I may see is the paint on the ab buttons my be a little big.  Let's see what Steve says.


Other than that, very sharp build!!


Good luck Trooper!! :duim:

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Following your suggestions I have resized the ab buttons. I have edited the post including a second photo of the ab buttons with the new smaller buttons.

Edited by luigimamone
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Wow, Luis!!! What a great looking set of armor and a top notch build. This armor fits you so well! Nice build, trooper!!! Now, onto your EIB apllication!


EIB/CRL Requirements:

All CRL and EIB photo and armor requirements have been met.  All passes should be this easy! 


Other-Armor Fit and Assembly 

Although neither of these points will effect your EIB or Centurion application(should you decide to go for Centurion) It is worth bringing up for consistency sake. It was mentioned in another trooper's EIB application about the rank bar on the ear bumps painted the same on both sides. If the Stormtrooper world was real, the rank bars would be there as a visual indication of that trooper's rank. I would have them the same on both sides. Archive photos show the same helmet with different bumps painted but for consistency sake, I would have them the same. The next point I wanted to make was your cheek stripes. Believe it or not, you have them on the wrong side. The main indicator of this is in the lowermost tube stripe toward the front of the helmet. In the overall pattern, there is a slight twist in the pattern as the stripes get closer to the mouth. On the Dave M. helmet decals this slight twist in the pattern, the lower stripes should twist away from the mouth. You have it twisting towards the mouth. You can change it by just lifting and re positioning the lower stripes if you want.  I like that you painted your blaster a gun metal dark gray and not just standard black. If you hit your handle with gloss black like the original Sterlings were it will make your blaster REALLY pop!! Thank you for making the ab buttons a tad smaller. I wouldn't argue with you if you decided to take them down just a smidge more. ;) Nice job with that sniper plate as well!!


Centurion Suggestions:

From the efforts you have taken your build, I can only assume you will be applying for Centurion. Aside form providing the required photos that show Centurion points, I noticed a couple things on your armor to make sure is up to date. Make sure you get hold of rubber hand guards, and the drop boxes on the waist belt need to have full inner boxes. It looks like you have carefully trimmed covers, but not full boxes. 


Congratulations on some fantastic looking armor! Welcome to the ranks, Luis!!!

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Thank you Steve abs everyone for helping me to get the EIB rank!!!

I'm already working in the full inner drop boxes, and soon I'll get the rubber hand plates.

I'm not sure on what to do with the other issues. It wouldn't be the first time that I ruin a project while trying to make it perfect...(that applies for the cheek stripes).

I prefer to leave the ear bumps assimetric. That kind of errors/imperfections is one of the things I love from the original armors ;-)

Thanks to everyone!

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