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first TK build & purchase - RS suitable for me?

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First of all I'm new to this forum/comunity, and therefore this is my first post.

I'm about to buy a nice stormtrooper build set, and I was looking into getting it from RS - especially since I live in Europe.

I - as many others - first ran into jedi-robe and first thought I would buy it right away from there since it seemed good.

But trough the years I've learned to do some goold od research before throwing out money,

and I have read the guides (pinned topics) here on whitearmor and it was there I first read about RS Prop Masters.


Money is not the issue. However, since I'm just a neewbie, I want to make sure RS could work well on me.

My size:


Height: 181 cm - 5 ft,11 in

Weight: 87 kg (but keep working on getting down more) - 191 pounds.

My goal is to reach 84 kg again - 185 punds.


Would the RS be suitable for me? I did read that bigger troopers like them, and yes I may perhaps have a few extra punds here and there but I'm not that very tall, not more than the ordinary person.

Is my height/weight good for RS or should I consider getting a build set from someone else? If so, from whom?


Also, since I've never really build anything in my life (atleast nothing that should be concidered a full success) should I concider asking them to build it for me? In the text it said RS was the hardest to build?
I have read here on the forum about some that chooses to do so -  asking them to build it for them. Will the end result be good as doing it by yourself? I mean getting it to fit perfect to the body.

Is it possible to make changes afterwards? if I choose to ask them to build it for me. I want it to be as perfect as possible, since I of course want to join my local/national 501 legion.



Thank's in advance, for any help or advice.

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Welcome to your new world! RS is a great suit and I am pleased to hear you are considering buying from the sellers list here. Most every set of armor uses similar methods for assembly. Studying build threads will show you what tools and supplies you will need then you can look up build threads that are specific to RS. Take your time. Patience is one of the greatest tools you can have on your side.

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Hi Daniel,


Doing an armor build is a lot like a model kit you would buy, but just on a larger scale.  If you feel comfortable with that then you shouldn't fear doing it yourself.  The anxiety will come from the fact there are no instructions, however the FISD is such a great resource, its even better than if one was included.  Considering your post, you should have no trouble doing the research in these forums.  One plus of doing it yourself, is that you become very familiar with the design of the armor.  This gives you an advantage when you need to fix it or if you want to make slight adjustments for comfort. 


If you still feel apprehensive, then having RS build it is a good option.  They do a good job making it to your size when you send them the proper measurements.


The RS kit, as basically all kits have returns that allow for the suit to be fit to people of various body form.  Your measurements sound just fine for any that are made.  The screen actors were about 5'10-5'11 and 170lbs.  So your are not far off of that.


Good luck and enjoy the ride!



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Go with RS Props! No question.  It's one of the most accurate, best looking suits there is!  I'm almost the exact same height and weight as you are, and If money wasn't an issue for me, I definitely would have gone with RS!  But, ATA was more in my budget.  Also, it's really not THAT hard to put one of these kits together.. Don't get me wrong, it's certainly a challenge!  It can be daunting and intimidating at first, but you get the hang of it real quick.  I didn't have any sort of building or crafts experience either and now I'm cruising through my build.  I say go for it! 

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