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The New Deployment Officer

Darth Aloha

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After a few months of thought and debate please help the staff congratulate Gazmosis as FISD's new Deployment Officer. As many of you already know Steve is a regular contributor to our community and has a great track record upholding FISD's credo of "Troopers helping Troopers."


And now I will go back to the business of being a one acronym staff member.


Congrats Gaz!




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Congrats Gaz - having read thru so many of your posts - you'll be great !


Have to take this opportunity to thank all the FISD Staff (new & old) - I'm amazed the amount of support and behind the scenes work that goes on to make this such a great place. Thank you all for your efforts !!!

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Congratulations, Steve!!


From my first post here at FISD, you've been a standout to me, as a Trooper helping Troopers (and prospects). 


Thank you in advance, for all of the good that you're about to do in this posting!!


In my humble opinion, I think that this is an excellent choice in many ways.

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