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Barcoder’s ANH Stunt Beginner build (TE2/AP Variant?-CTM)

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That's some very nice and clean work Peter! Good luck with your approval!  You don't need any luck here, that's a check in the box already but i'm just being polite! haha! ;)

Thanks buddy! :) My fingers are crossed.


You did good work on that kit. If you ever redo it with a sharper kit, it will look amazing. :)

Thank you very much; I am quite proud! (Personally, I think I did an amazing job with what I had to work with. lol) But yes, I understand what you mean, completely. My next set will NOT be re-cast...can't wait to get my hands on "real" armour.

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So, a little bit of an update....

I have started, slowly BTW, to customize the inside of my helmet. I bought a motorcycle helmet liner that works quite well. (Still need to add additional padding to the sides...) Eventually I will be installing some fans...

Here is what I have done so far.... :)






I found some sump pump tubing that is the perfect size for inside the helmet.



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