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SorenM's- TM ANH stunt armour ( not a build).


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Thanks man!..I feel like an 8 year old at Christmas time....and the surreal feeling of finally owning that uniform/costume..is quite strong:-)...

Hehehe....I feel with you, mate ^_^

Congratulation to this awesome armour....I love this suit too :D ...now enjoy this costume :jc_doublethumbup:


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Vielen dank Daniel :-)...

Now that the wait for the armour is at an end the, wait for the application for membership, and subsequently the application for EIB and CEN, to go through can commence:-).


I have been in and out of it four times since yesterday, both to get used to it, and decide the best way to put it on, and take it off, but also because i really enjoy it:-)...it is awesome...:-)..

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The wife flat out loved the armour, and demanded I wear it right away, so that she could snap some photos...


Love at first sight



Even Stormtroopers have to do (their) chores


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Next stop EIB ;)


If you havent done the research for it yet, then I have only one thing to say to you: STRAM OP!!!


ha ha ha ;-D..I love that expression....:-) ...ofcourse I have done all my research....as soon as that TK number ticks in, the EIB application will be forwarded....eveything has been made with EIB and CEN in mind....;-)...

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Troopermaster. Leeds. Ha! Inside joke.




I have one suit of TM (kids). It its awesome.

Ha ha ....had not heard that before, did not notice that he lives there...but I ofcourse think you are right Scott :)

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Congrats on your armour!   Today is my first day on the FISD, where did you order the armour?   I live in Silicon Valley, California USA.

Thanks Walther, and welcome!.....Scott said it...it is a fantastic armour....and he offers it finished in different stages...good luck with it all :)

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Soren: Your boots came out amazing. Looking good trooper. Should be an easy EIB pass for sure :)



Thanks Eric, much appreciated :-)

the EIB clearance ran into some minor hiccups, my side gaps being too large, but all has been squared with the DO, so no drama from my part (EIB and CEN should be something that you will have to work for an dreally earn..:-)... I will resubmit my EIB application when I get back in country late OCT.

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Attended my second troop, and had the pleasure of meeting Mr. B. Muir, and of course I had to have him sign my helmet....pretty nifty I'd say:-)


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