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emile1138's Stormie WIP

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Agreed on bringing the shoulder bells in more, and the belt being too low. Also, (maybe I'm wrong) but doesn't basic approval require only 8 teeth to be cut out?


I think the top of the ab & kidney plate will align better once you have the strap to the cod piece on? It's hard to tell with baggy jeans on where the lower section is actually sitting... The kidney & ab section look a little too high?

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Indeed, the CRL says 8 teeth should be cut out, and it looks like you've cut 10 of them.


(Even though some troopers hadn't eight teeth cut out.)


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The shoulders, I agree with and will be fixed soon as well.


The teeth...there's no fixing that really. I cut the extra tooth out on both sides before I read the CRLs...

I understand that's what they say, but is the number of teeth cut out really something that could boot the whole costume from being approved? I'd hate to make a whole new helmet just for the teeth...

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I can't really say about approval, but yes, it would suck to have to do a whole new helmet... I have never tried ABS paste, but maybe that can be used to fill in the holes? Maybe with a piece of ABS behind the holes to create a base to fill in? I'm not sure, maybe a more experienced trooper can chime in on this? 

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I appreciate your input, but I have no idea either.


I would really like some input on this issue from someone who would know for sure, as well...


Well, technically speaking, you can see alot of Stormtroopers with the 5th teeth cut off in the movie, so I don't see why it would not be accepted. Yet again, Mr No Stripe is more noticeable for the common fan than a hero bucket to a stunt and you can't use it to get your approval.


Push come to shove, just glue a piece of ABS behing the teeth to cover the hole.



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PROGRESS!! Finally...


I added paint on both sides of the frown to taper it down to a point:



Detpack has been aesthetically finished, with electronics to be added later:










Holster is attached to the belt as well:





Also, my buddy Scott added some NICE lining to the inside of my hinged drop box. Now it has a nice silky cloth liner to the inside of it!



And here of some photos we took of it all together so far. Yes, I am aware, the belt is not yet velcroed in place and keeps sliding down. But other than that, what do you guys think?







I'd say I'm about 93% finished with this guy.


Comments? Suggestions?

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Alright FISD brotatos. Your input is needed!

I have taken my submission pictures and I'm ready to get rolling with this guy! But first, I wanted to upload them here so some experienced people can chime in and correct me on any minor changes I may need to make to smooth out the approval process later on.


Remember, I'm going for BASIC APPROVAL, so keep that in mind when giving me input!


Here are the pictures, courtesy of Curt:







And some others just for good measure/showoff rights:







I can't wait to hear from you guys!! :D  :smiley-sw013:

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Drop the Back plate by lengthening the shoulder bridges. It will solve both problems of the gap between your backplate and the kydney plate, and the misalignment between the top of the ab and kydney plate on the sides.


And btw if you do that your armor will be EIB ready.


Edit: i didn't see that your sniper knee plate is fastened with rivets... It would need to be fixed for EIB

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I may go EIB after a while, but I've done so much work on this guy already, o really don't want to make any more modifications unless it's necessary for basic approval right now, ya 'know?


That's good to know though, I may consider doing that later on!


But for right now, am I fine for basic approval?

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I'm not GML but to me the back gap issue i mentionned above could be a 501st basic approval stopper. Depends on you GML  ;)

He'd better be nice...I'm his new GML. ;)  :smiley-sw013:  :rolleyes:

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Here we are! The pictures taken that were submitted and approved! Thanks Mark and everyone on this thread for all your input!!!



(^I've always wanted to use that smiley, now I actually CAN!)


Here's some pictures for you guys:









I'm considering making adjustments to go for Level 2 certification, and I also have a LOT of electronics work to do on this costume, so I'll continue to post my future works and questions on this thread :duim:

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