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Easily install screen/mesh in mic tips

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you will need:


-mic tips

-metal screen material


-superglue (optional)

-highlighter or dry erase marker


1. Cut mesh into circle a little bigger than the size of a nickel (this is so it stretches and doesnt fold)

2. Sandwich the mesh between mic tip and upside-down highlighter/marker cap like this


3. Push down slowly and evenly

you can see what i did here



4. trim the excess. this is so it goes in evenly and you dont end up mashing it down


5. pull now-bent screen out and flip it over.
you can put a bit of glue around the inside, id recommend so it wont fall out. when installing i like to use an exacto knife to evenly push in the screen from the sides



do the same with the other one and there you go!


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 I like this...  Just in case I need replacements...   And I'm not sure where it's at and all but I'm having BIG problem on getting my aerators / hovi tips in properly, or where IT LOOKS RIGHT !!!   I'm still looking but this is good JUST IN CASE I need to redo them.




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