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What are the main differences between a stunt and hero build?

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http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/gallery/image/1355-star-wars-a-new-hope-bluray-capture-01-18/ If I miss anything, folks....I am still half asleep...My bad!   Hey Richard!!!!!! Welcome! The link I posted is from the reference pics available on the home page here. Leia is being led by two TKs to be confronted by Vader. The TK on the right is the stunt and the left is the hero.  The differences in materials at the time of shooting really does not apply here and now for us. But for us, the main differences are in the helmets. The first thing that should jump out at you are the eye lenses. The hero helmets had gray rounded or "bubble" lenses. The stunts were flat across the eye openings and really were not "lenses" at all but a green sheet of thin acetate plastic. The next thing is the mouth "frown". The hero helmets only has three (3) teeth cut out making for a smaller frown than the stunt helmets which had 4 sometimes 5 teeth cut out. But mostly 4. Some will point the next feature as a major difference however the reference pic would tell a different story. The brow trim of the Hero helmet as historically been depicted as being much lower than the stunt helmets showing little to no space between the top of the eye openings and the brow trim itself. Next is the sides of the helmets. The "ears" of the helmets were sculpted to cover the seam created by assembling the front and rear halves of the helmet. The center of these "ears" have a bumpy section known as rank bars. The hero helmets only had three bumps and the stunt helmets had 4. http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/gallery/image/1387-star-wars-a-new-hope-bluray-capture-01-50jpg/ The other main difference on the ears that you can see in this pic, is the amount of screws used to attach the ears to the helmet. The stunt helmets used three; one above AND below the rank bars and one at the underside at the bottom of the ear cover. The hero helmets used only one at the top of the rank bars and one at the bottom of the ear cover. 2 total. As for the armor itself, the only difference was the way the holsters were attached to the belts. 4 rivets or Chicago screws were used (2 for each strap). Only two total were used on the stunt suits. In regards to why someone chooses one or the other. Preference alone. Some just want their armor to be a little different. I hope this helps. If I missed anything, FISD, please correct me!!!!!

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You forgot the hand plates...


Hero and Stunt are two different sculpts of hand plates.  Both kinds were originally molded latex painted white, with slight differences in each.


The Hero plates had a straight line across the wrist, like this:




Stunt hand plates had a curved line across the wrist, and an additional step-down on the fluting, like this:




Hope that helps.



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What are ATA helmets considered? and what's the difference between ANH and ESB? just the frown color?


Seems from pics I've seen, that the ANH style is more popular. Is that true?

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