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Thanks for the tip!  I noticed the extra on the biceps!  Meaning to get to that soon, was trying to work on the belt when my rivet gun broke after testing it with 2 rivets, sheesh my luck.  I do have all the cover strips will a small 45 degree angle on the end!

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Looks great!  Where did you get your blaster??

I got rreally lucky with the blaster, a guy in the Carolina Garrison happened to put one up for sell at the time I was looking.  It is just a modified Hasbro blaster with a doopydoo kit.  Once again really lucky to catch the guy at the right time.



Looking good so far. Nice to see the bells fit on you - you skinny people!  ;)

Haha!  The bells do fit pretty good!  The whole armor shrouds my body and makes me look pretty buff :P  Think I might have trimmed to much off of the chest, but we will see when I get the belt situated.  I def went to your thread a lot for some ideas and some guidence for things!  It was nice to see pics of the exact kit I had for some of the details.  So I appreciate you taking the plunge first on the NE before me.  The empire thanks you for your services!!!  As do I! :salute:

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Well I just ordered some rivets to attach the belt to the thigh.  It also includes the split rivets for the ab and kidney (not sure if I will use them).  I have the belt assembled just need to attach the holster and drop boxes.  Need to figure out exactly how I want to attach the holster.


Things left to do...

     -Attach box onto thigh

     -Get boots from somewhere

     -Attach Holster to belt (thinking about using chicago screws)

     -Attach drop boxes to belt

     -Paint ab buttons

     -Attach ab buttons

     -Add extra strap from kidney to butt for better security

     -Add strap from cod to butt

     -Add something to hold back of shoulder straps down (not going completely screen accurate here)

     -Put fan kit into helmet

     -Assemble TD pipe (need screws for clips)

     -Tighten ab and kidney.  Need to close up the gap I have there, about a 1/2 - 1 inch (think I trimmed to much off of the Ab to do this)

     -Add another strap from thigh to belt to cover under armour logo on pants


That is all I have left to do.  Seems to be maybe an hour or two worth of work! 


Still need boots...  Working on this, it kind of has demotivated me from finishing the little things since the armor seems to not be much without the boots just like not having a wearable helmet.

Really just hoping something comes through on the boots.  Might just end up having to wait for TK boots to get some more.  I will prob finish everything once I can get the hardware to attach everything!

Once again I am still stuck from getting approved without boots, so it seems I have some time to kill, lol.

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I think there may be some.  One guy has given me his number and told me to call if I had any questions.  Though I am not sure exactly if I have anyone that could physically help me yet.  Still trying and hoping to figure that out.  It is kinda hard with the garrison spread out over North and South Carolina.  Less TPSM (Troopers Per Square Mile).

Tell me about it I know your pain I'm in NC myself trying to do this by your self is hard! But it looks like your doing a great job!

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