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Beserkon in Duluth MN

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We were invite up to a con in Duluth this last week end. This was there first year and it was a big hit. I am looking forward to doing it again next year. There were 10 troopers there ranging from a Jawa to Tie pilot scouts and everything in between. There were 4 Tk's on Friday and and 5 on Saturday. Myself and another did our TK's and Biker Scouts. I also rocked out my Officer and ..... cough cough my X-Wing Pilot cough.


Here are a few of the photos.... Enjoy



I am the TK on the far left



I am the Biker Scout on the far right



I am the Officer on the left



Arresting a Star Fleet officer for... well being a Star Fleet officer



The Tie and X-wing Pilot stand of playing the X-wing miniture game


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