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TK-11610 Requesting ANH Stunt EIB Status[RS][315]

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Name= Gordon Piermatti
ID= TK-11610
Forum name= Papatrooper
Garrison= Star Garrison
Armor= RS Propmasters
Helmet= RS Propmasters
Blaster= DoopyDoo Full Resin E-11
Height = 6’
Weight = 185 lbs
Boots = TKBoots
Canvas belt = RS Propmasters
Hand Plates = RS Propmasters with rubber gloves
Electronics= None yet
Neck Seal = Trooperbay
Holster = Darman
Undersuit: Two part under armor
TD Clips: RS Propmasters
Lenses: RS Propmasters
Mic Tips – RS Propmasters




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Looking good all round.


I'm sure that you have bicep straps, but can you add a pic to show them and the white shoulder strap elastic to complete the EIB set of pics.


I also presume that you can see that your right shoulder bell has a wider gap than the left, and that your right thigh is lower down than your left, hopefully these can minor adjust at some point.

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Really looks good on you Gordon , but dont forget if you are going for higher accurate status , you need to attach your white elastics with x 1 rivit on the back of your drop boxes ;)


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Here are shots of the black elastic straps on the biceps and the white elastic for the shoulders. Yeah I did notice that the right side had bigger gaps by the shoulder bell and the thigh, lol, looks lopsided. I will have to adjust the straps a bit and will also do the rivet in the back of the drop boxes. Will have to put it on hold for a month as I am going overseas for work, but will fix all of that as soon as I get back.


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