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E-11 ANH Doopydoo kit - work in progress

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Drills for the hengstler. The heads of the m5's are way to big / too close to each other, so I trimmed until both screws can go in

(here the bracket is unmolded yet).  I used a lux sinkink tool for the holes



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Looked like this.  Between bracket and the 2 screws and the hengstler box I had added a plastic

plate for a better hold. Somehow it didnt come straight so I had to trim that part.



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ready to get painted


Its not totally perfect but I'm much satisfied with it. The ending part is done of course

it's just not on here.


I'm not sure yet If there's gona be wires.



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Michael, thank you for not giving up on your thread. I have learned a lot about building these watching your progress. You gave great examples of what to do right and how to correct things when they go wrong. I look forward to seeing the next stages of your build.



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Thank You guys!  :duim:


It is also for me a good feeling not to have given up as I see more and more what it has become now.

As I have recieved it back from paint yesterday. I must admit I didnt do that myself as I felt not able to do that good

 I gave grey spray (non-gloss) for first and black non-gloss for the final


NOTE: Dont take spray with "AQUA" for this. I did. Its looking good but the hold of the color is not so good.

 When it dangles on something or the gun lays on desk, hm it gives some dots / dashes into the color.


Well first the pix how far I am now:

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When I am right, my mate who painted it (he learned on painting/spraying cars), set it onto

a stick vertical way, as the back cap was not yet mounted on  and it was open and possible

to put through the inside tubes.   I am german speaking I hope its understandable


yet there were things to be done

- Bolt

- Hengstler (numbers)

- bolt excluder 

- Butt

- Scope (lenses)

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Here I have set the bolt


As the shockspring and the tubes were not removable anymore (already screwd with the butt)

I had to trimm it a lot and round to bring it in by the hole on the end and slide it forward. 


Tested a bit until it had such a good hold that I wouldnt need to make a hole for a screw or use

glue, as it would smear the tube.


More soon :-)



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Great looking blaster!  I am building my first blaster right now, and your thread really helped get through some particularly tricky parts!  Thanks for sharing your work!


That's a great compliment, thank You! :)

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Great work!


all you need now is to make the grip handle gloss.

everything else is shaping up quite well.


there are some suggestions I'd make, but I'll wait until you're complete to offer them up for consideration!


some simple color correction on the  bolt in paint scheme. the strip in the center of the bolt should be gunmetal silver

and the bolt itself is more of a grey steel color, like a two tone set of colors.


again the mods you've made really help to make it look more real.

only a few paint details left for a perfect finish!

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