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TK9113 requesting ANH Stunt EIB Status[AP][314]

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Name = Jeff Gilliam
ID = TK 9113
Garrison = Dune Sea Garrison
FISD = waffen5
Armor = AP
Helmet = AP, hand painted
Blaster = scratch built
Height = 5'8
Weight = 155lbs
Boots = TKboots
Canvas Belt = Trooperbay
Hand Plates = AP
Electronics = none . . . yet?
Neck Seal = Trooperbay
Holster =VERN

































Edited by waffen5
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A couple of things I see, I'm assume you are requesting ANH, stunt?  Verify that and I'll edit your title.


You need a better pic of your ab buttons, the blue looks a bit dark.

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Maybe take the scope rail and put it inside the rear sight instead of on top of it. Can you maybe try and make the T-tracks less "bendy"


Otherwise looks good to me :)


But what is you TK number? TK-9113(in the topic title) or TK-42311(in your post)?

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 Yeah I just noticed the number I had copied his info so I could put my own stuff in and forgot to put my number in instead, but I went through and changed it. Will work on my scope rail.

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Your blaster needs a bit of work.

Your canvas belt also isn't sitting right, ie, high at back then tapering down.

Also, I'd like to see a picture of your canvas belt in relation to your main ammo belt corner tapers.

I was just checking on the width of that canvas belt.



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If you get the T-track to sit more flush to the body of the blaster I'm willing to approve this. Although there are some good suggestions already mentioned that I also would recommend following.

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 Sorry my friend went to the LFL shoot in California so once he gets back and settled in I am going to fix the canvas belt width, the blaster T-tracks and the metal scope rail. Once I have those things fixed I will post the finished products and hopefully everything will be good, so give me a week and this will be done if life does not get in the way.

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