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Flying with Armor

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Some more recent traveler's have marked their crates as Movie Props as well. There have been issues, particularly with the blasters. If there is time, it is a good idea to ship them Fed Ex or UPS.

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I just used a hard sided suit case and didn't have problems. I put my blasters in there too. I figure if I can get it in to China (which I've done), you can take it anywhere in the US. I've also gone to Florida this way, just for comparison. I put my helmet in a helmet bag as carry on. Never received a single comment...

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I have flown from the UK to Europe and the US many times with armour. As Paul suggests a good hard shell case is best and ask the airline if they have a facillity to walk on fragile items, some do and this helps avoid cases being tossed etc. Fragile stickers also help.

I also carry pics of the armour and blaster and some of me in the armour to show staff and any customs who are interested, to be honest this generally gets them on side too because as we know everyone loves Star Wars!

I also, like Paul carry my helmet on as it is easier.

I hope that helps.

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