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Chariots of Fire.....TK styleeeeee!


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http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/23314-swine-week-hog-jog/ Pics from this weekend where I ran a 5k.


Tips: I wore long socks instead of the shins. I also bought some soft white vinyl (pleather) to make my thighs and ab/cod piece. Since these were the main moving parts, it allowed me to run freely. I used paint to add detail for the abs. I then snapped everything to the remaining armor (butt, backs,shoulder, biceps).


I left my belt, forearms and hand pieces off, I wore my gloves because it was rather chilly that day.


I ran only about 200 yards with my helmet on, then took it off and handed it to my wife. Running with the helmet is too dangerous, plus one of my fan batteries bounced out. I swapped it with a bandana.


The run wasn't too difficult, the biggest discomfort came from the chest wanting to ride up on me. I constantly had to keep pulling it down or away. I didn't get hardly any sore spots from armor rub. It was a chilly day and that kept me from overheating, but I was prepared to sweat excessively.


I'll definitely do it again.

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I've done 2 5k's in my TK. I replaced my boots with running shoes. I made a half mile before my lenses fogged up and it was difficult to breathe. After the first one, I trimmed a bit off of the cod area.

Do a test run first!

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