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Strapping questions

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I've looked through many builds and pages, and apologize if these are redundant questions. A few minor details that are unclear to me.


1. I have the wire brackets for connecting the ab plate to chest plate, and the butt, kidney and back plates. How are the black elastic loops that go through the brackets fastened? Sewn? Glued?


2. What adhesive is best used to connect the white elastic shoulder straps to the back plate? E-6000? Anything special to do when using it on elastic? Am I correct in understanding the screen accurate approach would be to glue them directly to the back plate? I'm undecided on if I will do this with snap plates instead. I like the convenience and practicality of snap plates, but appreciate being as screen accurate as possible.


3. In several builds it looks like some people have snaps fastened to nylon webbing that is then attached to the back of the armor. Is that what I see in their photos? It's often hard to tell because of low res in that part of the images.


Hope my questions aren't too confusing without example images. I'll add some if it is...





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1. The elastics should be sewn together. Make sure they are not very long. The elastics should be slightly stretched in resting position. This will help to ensure minimal gaps when you're actually wearing the armor.


2. You are correct with the shoulder bridges. E11 will work good, but the originals were not glued with E11 but rather another type of white glue that sets very very solidly. The left shoulder strap should be glued at the front and back, and the right will be glued at the back and snapped in the front. (Left and right are as the armor sits on your body).


3. You are correct. Some people put their snaps through a small cut of nylon, then glue this on the ABS, this works well. Others use a small tab of ABS to do the same. Some prefer the Nylon since it is flexible and has full contact without heat shaping the ABS tabs around the snaps. I think ABS tabs look better since the armor is white, and so is the ABS. It's inside, so no one sees it, but I know it's there.


The original suits didn't have any snaps to hold the pieces together like the arms and legs. The only snaps were on the one shoulder bridge, to hold the belt to the left and right of the Ab plate, the chin strap on the helmet and thats it if I remember right.

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Cool, thanks for the help.


Also, I've been trying to figure out how wide to make the return where the brackets are bolted through. I've been following the lines in the RS pieces and its about 20-25mm. But I know the pieces have been made with some excess. Plus the original suit they have has a much smaller return.


It seems to vary in the LFL images I am looking at too. So not sure if this is a personal preference matter. Also how close should the bolts be set from the edge? There is a slight indentation in the RS chest plate that looks like a hole mark. This mark is about 10mm from the edge. Some LFL images show these bolts practically right in the bend of the return. I wasn't sure if that was common or unique to some suits that they cobbled together during filming.



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Hi Francisco,


Geaux Saints made a great build thread http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/21390-geaux-saints-anh-stunt-build-tm/page__st__120 using a Troopermaster suit.


You can use it for reference on the placement of the strapping and the photos are pretty clear as to the location and depth of the edges.

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