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This might be an odd Q to ask....but do you wear anything under your undersuit?

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I wear under armor boxer briefs under my wet suit when diving.

Seems like they would be a good fit under TK armor as well.

Tight fitting, no bunching, yet thin enough for the all important.....letting the boys breathe.

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Does everyone wear your black under suit to a troop?  Or change there?  I supposed there needs to be a changing room.

Never had that problem with R2 except he doesn't like people watching him get assembled out of the back of my car (Its embarrassing!)

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Boxer briefs FTW. :)


If it is winter and cold I will wear my under armor under my civilian clothes sometimes. I'm not shy so I have no problem stripping down in front and any costumer in the room. I'll be the first to yell to close the door if people walk in and out too often or don't close the door behind them.

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