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Adler Planetarium After Dark


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Awesome guys! I grew up in Chicago and even took a weekend class there. Next time I'm in town I'm bringing armor :)


Get on it Paul! You gotta make an excuse for a "business trip" to Chi-Town! Get in on some of this fun! The MWG is waiting!



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Good troop guys, looks like you all had a good time. Wanted to make the trip north (i grew up on the southside of Chicago) to troop this one, but difficult to get time off work during the week. Thanks for sharing the pics.

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I thought Matt McDonald was our only all FX trooper. I all know is that we look damn sexy. I even like the crack in my chest armor...slowly and slowly I am becoming a real 'Stunt' TK!


Next time I will bring some of the FISD pamphlets I recieved at C6 from Roguetrooper! It was a hit for sure!

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Mine is still FX also...since I don't wear it but maybe twice a year....and have 24 other costumes...it is unlikely that I will upgrade..




I think he was referring to people trooping that particular event. There are a number of other old schoolers in MWG who also to this day troop with full unmodified FX costumes.

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Here is the Mission Report written by beans:




Each month, Chicago’s Adler Planetarium hosts an evening event called "Adler After Dark," which is an adults only night at the planetarium, complete with cocktails and a special theme. This month’s theme was “Geek Chic,†celebrating all things geek culture. The planetarium featured all of its usual exhibits and shows, but added a trivia challenge, encouraged attendees to wear costumes, served Romulan Ale, and invited the 501st Legion to provide some imperial flair.


The Midwest Garrison answered the call with an impressive group of the Emperor’s finest.


All photos by Matthew Crowley Photography unless otherwise noted


Darth Vader and his troops arrived to:

Mingle with the museum-goers…



Hold a quick staff meeting…



Knock a few things off the to-do list...



Inspect the planetarium for illegal droids…



Show off the might of the empire…



Put down any rebel uprisings…



Get some sun…



Try to figure out if this is just another drill...



Realize it's not…



Go bowling…



And just generally look awesome:



It was a great and memorable night, and the planetarium staff were fantastic hosts, even providing the troopers with dinner beforehand. Thank you to everyone who made it to this event!!


Special thanks to:

- Kathy for bringing her awesome “Instant Death Star†backdrop for the photo station

- A very talented photographer and good friend to the MWG, Matthew Crowley who documented the mission with many amazing photos. http://www.matthewcr...photography.com

- Adler Planetarium for the invitation and for a very fun evening! We hope they find a reason to invite us back soon!



0265 / Javier – TK

0412 / Arturo – TK

0542 / Andy – TK

1020 / Jim – SL (Vader)

1876 / Thomas - BH (Durge)

3052 / Steve S – ID

3446 / Neil – IG

3667 / Eric – TK

4541 / Beans – TK

5924 / Carlos – TK

6074 / Joe – TD

7596 / Vince – TB

8148 / Matt M. – TK

8238 / Jessica – ID (Juno)

8310 / Rob – TS

8596 / Matt F. – TK

8968 / Brian – IG

9336 / RDB – TK

9526 / Steve - TI

9989 / Kathy – TS

12155 / David – TK


Costume Support:

Janine/4838 – Costume Support

Ashley McClintock – Costume Support

Matthew Crowley - Photographer


Buckets off Group Photo:



MWG Photobucket Album: http://s1099.beta.ph...ark - Geek Chic

Great shots by Thomas Spanos:


Trooping Time: 4 Hours

Charity Totals: $0


Sorry this is a photo heavy mission report, but there were just too many great ones!!!

A few more photo highlights:


(credit: Ashley McClintock)













(credit: Thomas Spanos)



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You've only been in the 501st like 6 months or something. Never fear, there will be plenty of equally awesome troops in the future for you. ;)


They ALL are so very, very awesome!!!!



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Simply amazing. That buckets-on photo in front of the Chicago skyline (and I know exactly where you all were standing)? I simply must have that as my Facebook cover photo.


Me and my kit need to get home to Chicago more often. :(

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Since we have the honor of being featured in the FISD newsletter, I thought I'd post a few more TK specific pictures!! All photos courtesy of Matthew Crowley Photography.

















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