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Hi from Los Angeles

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Hi all,


I want to introduce myself. My name is Francisco (Echo in the forums) and I live in Los Angeles.


I've been thinking about it for a long time and finally decided to take a plunge and build a TK armor set. After pouring through tons of posts (though I know I've only scratched the surface of these forums) I've got my sights on building an ANH Stunt armor set that qualifies for Centurion level.


Most of the pieces are set in motion. I've ordered an RS kit, a doopydoo's E-11 resin kit, neck seal from darman, evilboy's E-11 rails and an east bay under suit.


Some TK boots and one of Vern's holsters should round out the basis for my build.


Oh BTW a huge thanks to all in this community for all of the help and information provided. It speaks to the generosity and good nature of its members.


It is my first venture into anything like this, so I plan to take my time. I'm an architect and have built many of models, and am looking forward to putting my building skills to the test.


Sorry in advance for nieve or just plain dumb questions.


Happy New Year!


Echo (Francisco)









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Welcome, Echo! Fellow Angeleno! Saw you sign up on the garrison boards already so you're all set, and sounds like you've already been reading up...


I hope to have another Armor Party in January, and though you probably won't have it yet you can come by and meet the others and see how things are done first hand - and then when you do have your armor you can bring it along for help/advice and also I or many of the other locals are happy to help you out! :)


Looking forward to meeting you - and don't hesitate to ask questions! :D

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Welcome aboard from Northern California! If LadyInWhite ends up having that armor party in January, it would be a great idea to attend. You'll be able to meet garrison members and pick up tons of tricks for your own build.

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Cool Ladyinwhite sounds like fun. Always interested in meeting SW fans. And I know I could use the help haha.



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