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Niagara Falls Christmas Parade

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Here's a little teaser until I find time to put up the rest! :D








I think it's time I put up the pics from this event! lol. Getting to the parade was the most uncomfortable experience I have ever had in my TK. We suited up at the comic shop (where the parade was conveniently ending near) and hopped in a van in costume to head to our starting point. Kneeling in a moving van in a TK. Ugh. SO awkward, painful and horrible! lol


Hanging out before we started moving.











This time the parade was in the afternoon and it was shorter than the London parade the weekend before. We were representing our good friends at Niagara Falls' Pulp Comics.






Vader brought baby Boba Fett along for the ride :D






Carnor Jaxx even made an appearance.





I was amazed at how many people were stopping us for pictures!





Once again my 'waving' arm got tired! hahaha I just could not give out enough high-fives!







Vader was feeling mighty festive that day, not a single failure was punished via strangling that day!





R4-FG on the other hand was clipping trooper heels the whole parade! That pest!






R2-D2 was not much better!






The crowd was having a blast!





That darn dirty sandy was up to no good also.






It was a fun parade to be in - the weather was perfect and the kids and parents alike were ecstatic to see us. :D


Here's some video of the parade: https://www.facebook...151309811885170

More photos here:

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Hmmmmm who's vader's favourite then lol


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Is it a pickle? :rolleyes:


No... she's just happy to see you.



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I love that idea! You think up the coolest stuff!!!

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Well, now I know what the funny shaped thing under my tree is...


And oh my sexy robby mac!!!

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