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Request Centurion certificate


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Thread closed. A new staffer will need to take over after the elections.


How to get your new Centurion certificate!

Reply to this topic like this, and I mean only like this. Be careful about spelling because I will not double check that you spelled your name correctly.

First-name Last-name 501st-ID Centurion A4/Letter
No nicknames. No "TK". Just the number.

Mathias Rodstedt 2959 Centurion A4

So if you are American and want a letter sized certificate, write Letter. If you want an A4 sized certificate, write A4.

I will then reply to your post with a link to your certificate. It comes in a 300 dpi png-format picture, so you can send it straight to your printer if you want.


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Ingrid Moon 6818 Centurion Letter



Mark Ryner 4584 Centurion letter


Thanks Mathias!


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Whoa! Certificates are flying here! :lol:

(Mathias, you really nailed it with the automated system) :salute:

Yeah, I think we got a good thing going here :)

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