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My Second Helmet Build ( RS PROPS )

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This is my second helmet build it's from RS Props Master, i really like this helmet best accurate replicate from the movie. ( I only compare it to my ATA helmet btw :) )


Here is already assembled, will try hand painted the detail later......wish me luck ;)

Critics and comments are welcome :









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Soild job on those ears. Assembly looks outstanding. I've got to get one of these RS helmets sometime soon, looks awesome.

very nice.looking forward to seeing this one painted.

very nice so far, keep up the good work

Great job...! :duim:

Looks great! Paint it already..the anticipation of seeing it done is killing us..lol! ;)


Thank you for all your kind comment.....painting is in progress :)

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Solid job on the painting! :duim:

Thanks Locitus, for your kind comment. :duim:


Fantastic job on the build and paint job :duim:

Thank you Trooperman, you're so kind. ;)


That's one mean look'n lid you got there, most impressive;)

Thanks Dudesidious, i'am so inspired by your build thread. :jc_doublethumbup: :jc_doublethumbup:


Very nice!

Did you assemble it yourself as well?

Thanks MartinSivertsen, yes i assemble it myself. ;)

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