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Helping a little girl that was bullied for liking Star Wars


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I have a question, were is this armor now, I believe it ended up with the daughter of 501st LCO, not sure how that happened. So question is who's property is it, shouldn't it stay in control of FISD, shouldn't the next recipient of the armor be decided by FISD and it's members, after all we are the ones who put in money to purchase the armor and our members put the armor together.


I did ask the question as to the current recipient on the 501st forum and was told by the LCOG that a investigation into how the current owner received the armor and there was nothing inappropriate found.


So were is it and who get's it next?

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I thought I'd seen a story/post here from someone in the MWG detailing how it had been passed on to another young girl at an event at Soldier Field in Chicago, but I can't rightly remember how long ago that was, just that it happened very quickly, like over three or four days.

I'm not positive though, because I'm aware of the other situation that you had alluded too, Glen.

EDIT: The follow up armor story is in this thread, early-mid 2014. Just one page back.

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I guess there are two threads going regarding this. As I stated in the other thread, the LCO still indeed is in possession of the armor. It is ready to be deployed to anyone, anywhere. If people don;t know where this is, it is just outside Chicago, Ill. I contacted the family and the armor is still in its glory and ready to go!

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Just bumping this thread, interested hearing if the armor is still being circulated and continuing helping other younglings in need?


Any update?

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