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TM TK build (ANH stunt)


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Everything is coming along great. Keep up the good work :duim:


Thanks Paul :D

It has been a great armor to work on.


The Nordic garrison has developed a kind of preference to your armour Paul, and the skills to build it as well. :)


Yeah :P

Looking forward to troop with the other TMs here in Trondheim :)

We have 2 troops saturday 27. okt and that is going to be my big day! :D

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Build day 7!


TK-3664 helped as usual :)

Belt is done and the other shin got trimmed 35 mm at the bottom as the other one. We also washed away the markings at the bottom of the shins.

We glued cover strips on the back of the thighs and we glued shimming plates to the kidney plate. Need 5 cm on each side. First the gaps looked huge but when I tried it on the gaps wasn't really that big :)

So now everything is done except the split rivets on the side of the ab-plate and kidney plate. TK-3664 and I will have a final build night this coming week and we are going to take application pictures the same day. Boots and detonator is almost done and pictures of them will come soon. Only need undersuit (in the mail), but I will get it this week :)


Here are some pictures.



Belt done!



Belt detail pic 1



Belt detail pic 2



snap plates glued to chest plate



leg parts all done!



Picture showing the shimming plates





Shoulders done



Shoulder detail picture


Soon done now!

Looking forward to my first troop saturday 27. oct. And there is 2 troops that day!

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What do you guys think? Are these photos good enough to send to my GML?










and I have a bucket off picture :)

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Send them!


Sent from my GT-I9300



Thanks for the quick answer Mathias!

Yeey :D


and sent!


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Thank you all for the response!

Now I am waiting for my approval :D


Here are some pictures of the detonator and the boots + some bonus pictures from tonight :D










And here are some bonus pictures :D






Are working on a photo project for a troop my local garrison are going to have at the hospital in the background :)

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