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Celebration VI FISD photos


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Fantastic photos! Great to see everyone. Hmm, my camera gave me a bit of "Night at the Roxbury" neck. :D


My helmet's off to you, Australian walker trooper!


For next time, someone bring a Mario jump player for Diana.

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I am celebrity blind but if someone had told me I would have hugged him and made a huge deal of it. He's a hero! But I dunno, maybe he wanted some anonymity!


Jacob, I'm sorry we missed you! Congrats on the completion of your trek. I donated :)

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I guess I should have mentioned that to you guys. Olga and I actually spent most of our time hanging out with him. We even brought him and two other Aussie's home with us. Too bad we couldn't keep them.


They're up at D*Con now, but Jabob will hopefully be attending our wedding in May. ;)

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Anyone have anymore of this? Maybe just a straight view of the whole group?


Yes. We had an official photographer. I should have the official photos in a few days.

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Oh man, i cant believe i missed all of this. I was running around in my "EIB ready" TK the whole weekend. I finished it two hours before our drive from La to Fl. :mellow: I should have looked at the forum before C6, but i was too busy finishing my build. I guess there is always next Celebration. The pictures and gear looks great everyone!

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One of the thrills of the event for meeting was meeting my good friend and FISD Founder Daetrin! What an awesome person! My only regret of CVI is just that there are so many activities and things to do that I did not get to just relax one-on-one with as many people as I would have liked. At least I got photos to always remember the time!







Bobojuice looks nothing like I expected! Oliva looked so great in her armor! I LOVE stormtroopers, and always thought I was way to short to do it....but maybe....I have all the extremity parts, I just need the chest/abd/kidney/butt plate....



Eric and his lovely fiancé were so sweet! LOVE them!



The famous (and gorgeous!) Lady in white!


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Not my photo, I'm just in the pic. All credits go to the owner of the flickr photostream :) I just spend every night searching for pics!




You can see more from the panel and shoot-a-trooper there. Really nice snow and snow commander was shown there.



AH! More of the FISD group photo, it's a stream alright. I count about 3 of that specific scene.






And other cool ones should you browse long enough:







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You all had a great photo op. I can say that the next Celebration we at the SLD will be taking cues from you all. HELL of a great time meeting so many. Looking forward to meeting more at CE2. Yea... I have to get to that one too. Celebrations are just too cool to miss!

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