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Balaclava or not?

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I'm assembling my first costume (TK) and considering the balaclava, does anyone have any thoughts or preferences? I shave my head, so I don't need it to keep hair in line (!) and I wondered if it might be good for soaking up sweat (ew). But would like to hear others thoughts...



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Yes, it soakes up the sweat (i.e. perspiration and transpiration), it tames wild hair, it's screen accurate, no need for ugly black mesh in your helmet, etc, etc


I recently bought a couple to try out (they're used with the latex neck seal) and plain cotton types are the best

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I'm a bald guy too but do not wear a balaclava for my TK. I use a motorcycle head covering, or "dew rag". That takes care of the sweat and does not interfere with my neck seal. I do wear a balaclava for my Biker Scout and my Tie Pilot and they are pretty good for those costumes.

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I'm 6'2 so I find one helps keep kids from looking up inside the helmet. It keeps everything black, hidden and helps maintain

The illusion.


I've not really thought about it that way before in a TK, although I do wear one as Vader for the same reason. Since I don't use a neck brace, the balaclava helps blend in the back of my neck with the lower portion of the dome.


I may try this out at CVI.

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