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TK-9492 Requesting ANH EIB Status[246][AM]

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I cant thank the FISD community enough for getting this far with my build. I started out just wanting to be a part of the 501st. I never thought I would even fit in a TK.

"They dont make them to fit anyone my size...."

"It wont work unless you are 150lbs...."

"You're gonna mess it up and ruin it..." (and I did more than once but the FISD came to the rescue).

These were the reasons I did'nt want to try.

Then I looked at threads and saw other builds. Learned about armor vendors. I went with AM based off of the size alone. I did'nt know TM could make armor that might fit with some shims that I had to use anyway.

Its not the most accurate suit but Im really proud of it. When I do it again, I will know what pitfalls to avoid.

I started with the goal of EIB but wasnt sure I could pull that off. I wanted so badly, SO BADLY... to be part of the 300 goal for this year with EIB status.

Just thinking about submitting for approval was cause for anxiety. I had the same fears.

"They are going to think I suck..."

"They are going to hate my build because its AM..."

"You'll get laughed at..."

I went for it and made it. barely... but made it.

Mike TK1636 from the DSG, you were a huge help and I cant thank you enough.

Tim from the DSG, your help at the armor party was clutch.

Brian TKRESTONVA, your build thread and your posts saved me more times than I can count. Thank you

Everyone who commented on my build thread, thank you for your insight, feedback, and encouragement. I hope that thread helps others avoid the mistakes I made.

The FISD as a whole, I hope I can give back and help the next guy coming up who thinks they can't do it.

We did it!


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Great job isaac i knew you could do it right from the start. we went from no EIB in our garrison to three within a few months. We just need to help out the next new guys and maybe some other that need a little tweaking and is willing to do the small things to attain better TK armor.

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Today I had a chance to fix the knee ammo belt and lower it. I know I had already passed but I still wanted to move forward and make my suit as accurate as possible. The knee ammo belt was one of the comments. 20120817_125554.jpg

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Here is an update about a year later as to what I've done since I got my EIB and looking ahead to Cent at some point.







I have upgraded the blaster to a Doopy Doo resin kit and metal scope rail:







I have added new shims with the six split rivets (haven't painted them yet:





I have hand painted where the decals were on the helmet:







I have lost just over 3 inches in my waist and in my thighs so the legs fit a little better these days.


I have upgraded the chest and back to RT-Mod since my original application and moved to bars/bolts for strapping. I also added the male snap to the right side of the ab plate. Oh, I also upgraded the ab button plate to a TM one with better defined ribs and buttons to replace the metal ones that came with the original AM kit.


Please offer any pre-cent application advice that you have time to offer.

I still need to upgrade my TD.









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Okay... I've been waiting for a quiet moment to comment. Finally I think I have a few moments. Apologies to Isaac as I kept telling him that I'd do it and then flake.


When I was elected DL it almost felt like I was the poster child for troopers who aren't screen accurately sized. I'm ok with it because I really am a Vader sized TK. At the same time as I was growing into this role as larger trooper advocate we started to see a marked increase in RS props EIBs alongside the already prolific TM. It has to be said that we have all grown too accustomed to seeing these EIB and Centurion applications. If you wear any other type of armor or if you're larger than the average TK your eye tends to find fault in things the wearer cannot help due to their size or armor type. I'm here to say that there is room on FISD for other types of armor and other body types, in spite of what it seems like sometimes. 


With that said... here are my comments. 

  • About the side shims.... this is always a tough thing to have an opinion about. These look a little rough around the edges. The CRL states that a seam is ok but it doesn't go into much else about them. I think side shims should be close to the color of the ABS of your armor and look as much an extension of the armor as possible. That means the tops and bottoms should line up and follow the same lines as the armor. There is also a fair amount of goop of some kind on your shims. I would say that the shims need some love before being approved for Centurion. 
  • On a positive note the backs of your thighs look way better than the V shaped shim of your other thighs. For a Centurion app I'd like to see close up higher res less blurry photos of the backs of your thighs. 
  • Do you know how big the heads of your side rivets are? They look a bit big. I think they should be around 8mm. (someone correct me if I'm wrong) 
  • The lines in your tears are a little thick for my liking. 
  • The drop boxes should be moved out toward the end of the belt so the sides line up with the ends of the plastic belt. They should also come up a bit (from what I can tell in the photos) so they're either right up against the belt or 1/8" or so gap. 
  • I wouldn't stop you from going Centurion with your holster placement but it looks a little far away from the plastic belt. I had that problem before I ended up buying a new belt. 
  • It may be the light but your handguards look really yellow colored. Are they?
  • Do you have the thin elastic holding down the shoulder bridges to the back? I can't tell from the photos. 
  • It's been the week of ab button silliness... so I would probably ask for a closeup high quality photo of your ab buttons to check the color.
  • Are the cover strips on the back of your shins wide because you need more room in your shins for your calves?

That's all I have more or less off the top of my head. There may be more later. 


I hope some of the more accuranazi minded folks will comment. Mathias?



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Thanks for the feedback Eric!


I really appreciate you taking a look at everything. I'm debating the painting of the shims still so that's why the rivets are still brass. I will finish shaping them either way. These are newer shims I added after dropping a few inches since my original EIB application. The rivets are the correct size, I will throw a ruler up with them if I end up going further.


I'll do the same with the thighs. I had to bondo them, glue the cover strip over that, and then paint them. I'll get closer pics of them up soon. The trap paint is an easy fix, as is the rest of the suggestions. Either way, I can re-do them just to look better regardless of going Centurion or not.




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