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Head count for the FISD group Shot at C6


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Hey all,


We are going to get a separate shot just for the FISD members that are attending C6.


We are at the moment working out the details and will update you on where, what and when.....(please stay tuned)



But, I need you now to post here to get a head count on whom is attending C6, so we can coordinate the FISD photo shoot. :duim:


Looking forward to seeing you all at C6!!!!!!!! :)





Very Special Guest for the photo shoot (one whom help bring to life the TK, Vader, and C3po to name a few)


Brian Muir (vadersculptor)


We are honored to have you be apart of this Brian, Thank you.


List of FISD members for the FISD TK Group shot:

  • Tom (RogueTrooper)
  • Brian (TKrestonva)
  • Paul (Daetrin)
  • Luis (Bobojoice)
  • Olga (Bereu99)
  • Ingrid (LadyinWhite)
  • Terrell (SuperTrooper)
  • Tray (Tray)
  • Mike (TK1636)
  • Craig (Hyper)
  • Christian (v7sg)
  • Mark (captsafe66)
  • Eric (The White Knight)
  • Terry (Terry19D)
  • David (davej)
  • Andrea (Andrea11)
  • Bill (grindking)
  • Lou (Darth Voorhees)
  • Ian (jedicouncil333)
  • Kyle (sidious1)
  • Rusty (Jeepfrog)
  • Mark (Mobus)


Non 501st TK but is a FISD member additional shot:

  1. David (Dizzydevil105)
  2. Scott (nicksevere)

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I'll be there in my TK for the group shots.


Cool looking forward to meeting you man!

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I'll be there but sadly TK still coming together so no fancy dress or approved membership for me.




Hey Scott, Basically we are going to do one or two photos with all the FISD that have their TK#.... But I will try to work it out so we can have a few photos one of which you can jump in and be apart of since you are a FISD member as well and working to become a 501st TK :duim:

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i am in the same boat as Scott i will be down there on the 25th hope I get a chance to meet you guys and see some armor :)


Still want you to meet you and work in a shot with everyone the is FISD (no matter if you have your # or not).


Saturday will be the Big group shot with all the Legion. Plus the Designation group shots. That is the time we are hoping to do the FISD shots as well.......

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Wouldn't miss the FISD photo for the world, it was one of the high points for me at CV!

I'll never be part of that many TK's together in the one spot unless it is at a Celebration :)

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This should also be the "FISD Brunch" list, right? :D How about the "FISD Corner at the Poolside Party" list?


I'm all about trooping, eating, drinking (hydration, people!!! really!!!), and hugging people I feel connected to, even if only virtually.



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Olga will be there in her TK. I know she doesn't get on here at all though. She's not really a forum person.


I thought I had Olga on this list...I was think of the wranglerteam to help with the set up of the FISD photo shoot...


Putting her on there now.......

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