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TK6084 Requesting ANH stunt EIB status[236][AP]

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TK6084 Requesting ANH stunt EIB status


Name: Stuart Thomson

TKID: TK6084

Username: RedSpecial

501st: UK Garrison

Weight: 130 pounds

Height: 5' 6"

Armour: AP

Helmet: AP

Helmet Decals: Dave M replicas from Trooperbay

Boots: TKboots

Neck seal: TK 2755

Blaster: Doopydoos

Electronics:Aker amp and iComm

Holster: TK8751









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What the feck as taken you so long Stu?

This suit and set up was Elite / EIB well over a year ago when you built it straight out of the box.

Too much fannying around with ya Ghost Busters chums me thinks :D


It's a straight pass in my book mate :duim:



See you at CMG next month buddy, yous boys are gunna be totally blown away by Stuka's AWSOME 3PO B)

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Hahaha thanks Billy, i just had a couple of wee mods to make before I was happy to submit but as usual I kept putting it off :rolleyes:


Cant wait to see you guys again this year at CMG, its gonna be a real treat to have 3PO there! mmmmmm the droids we're looking for ^_^

Edited by RedSpecial
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Nice and clean build. :)


I would try to do something about the ab plate buttons though. They are over trimmed, and the 4-button strip could be glued down instead of velcroed.


Either way, approved. :duim:

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