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ESB MKII Original armour - Share your pictures

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In continuation with what started here http://www.whitearmo...showtopic=20283 it would be nice to collect as many ESB Mk II pictures here and hopefully be able to add them to the recently started reference galleries found here: http://www.whitearmo...eferenceGallery






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They had a haircell texture on the moulds or plastic.

ESB paper decals

ANH mix tips

ANH recast ears

Glues together not riveted

Foam star liner

Squared drown the same as the ATAT helmets

Slightly fatter ANH shaped face


There's possibly one screenshot in the carbon chamber that could be one, check with TM. My original came from the set of ROTJ, on the docking bay set.


There have been four helmets found as far as I know...

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Can someone with a better eye than me list the differences between ESB Mark II and ROTJ armour? Also what type of glue do you think the brown glue residue is? It looks similar to the glue on the ROTJ helmets. Would be nice to nail this.



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We can suppose that the teeth were cut when ILM reused the MKII helmet to make some ROTJ helmet.


Funny thing, it seems that they scanned an original MKII helmet for battlefront 3 and the helmet clearly shown uncut teeth (just like the Star Wars Identities helmet)

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Ok thanks guys.Unfortunately the AP I received was not as sharp as my previous AP buckets.  It will become a sandtrooper bucket though. I did pick up an ATA kit off eBay for $62.50. I just received it and I am thinking about turning it into the ESB MKII. It is super shinny and the details are sharp. 

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