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TM ANH Hero helmets

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Hi guys,


I thought I would show off these two helmets that I have been working on to show you how a low brow and high brow look together. The high brow is not 100% finished but I was pushed for time since the low brow had to go to it's new home today.


Both helmets are made from 1.5mm gloss ABS and all details are hand painted using Humbrol Satin colours.


Hope you like them :)


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Thanks chaps :)


I know what you mean Mathias. I am a fan of the stunt helmets too, but I am taking a fancy to the high brow hero.

And by being one of the few, and certainly the best, maker of hero helmets is a great thing for the community. Keeps people away from crooks like AA. :)

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Hey Paul, both are awesome!, I always liked it the hero low brow way more but now that I see a hero high brow well assembled...so many doubts...not sure which one I like the best.

Both are outstanding...seriously.





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You mean like this Tony ,my Replica Luke helmet that Paul has just made :smiley-sw013:


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Having seen that up close I can say that is an amazing helmet Steve! It is the perfect Luke replica.

Paul your work and research is just amazing.

Personally if I had to pick one of the two for myself I'd go high brow, it just looks cool.

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