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Tooth mesh material size/source

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What are people using on their helmets for mesh behind the tooth area? Mosquito screen? Something else?


What size of screen can you suggest? By size I mean the center to center distance between fibers on the weave.


Can you suggest somewhere to purchase the above material?


Thanks in advance

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The best material is "pet screen" You can find in all home improvement centers (Lowes Home Depot even some Walmarts carry it as well)


link to see what I am talking about:  ----------

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Just to follow up for the next person that comes across this thread using the search button. I stumbled across some screen material at my local fabric store. It's plastic and came in several sizes; everything from bug screen, to pet screen size. It was sold by the foot, which is 1000x cheaper (considering the amount required) than buying a whole roll at Home Depot.

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I use the screen material used on windows. A quick trip to home depot or a hardware store should suffice. Although only drawback is you might quite a few leftover O_o



PS. also they do offer the screen in both gray and black. I chose black since I have an ESB TK and it blends better. So if you're doing ANH then the choice would be obvious.

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Hey if anyone bought a big role of mesh at a home improvement store and after cutting off a few inches has a massive role sitting around the house... I'll take a couple more inches off your hands. Happy to paypal you a couple bucks for your trouble. I was at Home Depot last night and couldn't bring myself to buy a whole role (even tho it was cheap) cuz it would just sit around the house/garage after I took what I needed for my helmet.


LMK. Thanks.

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