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Credit Card Phone Scam Beware


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This isn't new but my wife just spent 30 minutes doing the information dance with the scammers. The problem was that they had all the credit card information, INCLUDING OUR CURRENT BALANCE!!!! Meanwhile I was on the cell with Master Card getting the cards cancelled. They confirmed that NO OTHER AGENCY OR BANK WILL EVER HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR BALANCE. The call goes like this - automated message that you have qualified for a great new rate for your credit card...press number..call answered they call you by last name, no first name, don't know if you have a credit card...then start probing. First, type of credit Card that you have, describe the colors, does it have air mile. But the same time playing the you give me info I will give you info....They also ask for the 3 digit security number on the back of the card....My wife played along and was prodding them along.....Finally she asked for a supervisor and passed to "Lisa", who continued to try and get info, all the while going "oh my God your ever your limit" and "uh, weren't you listing"...we tried to get more but our phone died.


Thing is that we don't use the card physically, all purchases are done online, and there has been no funny transactions lately. We only use paypal, secure online through large stores, and X-box. So that leads me to believe that somewhere someone was hacked and they got enough to see the bare minimum.


They called from 250-352-9679, which when I called it back is out of service, and "Lisa" provided a call back number of 1-800-465-2619.


Also, you will ask why was she playing alone, well by the line of questioning we know the cards were already compromised she why not get them going.The cards are cancelled now.

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and that is why i have a charge block and will receive a email or phone call asking me if i authorize the charge in less than 1hr form charge that is not norm and also have a $100,000 CC protection on them . if you call your CC co you can also do the same . my bank gives me $100,000 protuction from fraud if reported with in 72 hrs .

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