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how do you fix the shoulder pouch?

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I was wondering how fix the shoulder pouch.

I was reading almost the whole forum, but I found nothing about.

Looks like my idea doesn't work at all, the pouch is too thight against the shoulder and this tends to push away the shoulder bell.


Any suggestions?

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The shoulder pouch is attached to the shoulder strap on the pack.

That is why Sandtroopers with no packs dont have a shoulder pouch either (like the Stop that Ship trooper).


You just slip the strap across the loops on the back of the pouch and fix it with black gaffers tape (or similar) that is how I have mine cause I think that would be a simple solution during production. And it works perfect.


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unfortunately I don't have the backpack...( shhhhhh I don't have much space to store it :blink: ) but I wanted wear the puches that I bought. ^_^


Hmmm... that makes it a bit more difficult......


Could you maybe suspend it from the left side of the pauldron with a strap that loops down under the left arm (like the backpack strap would) if you give it a bit of slack for movement it shouldn't push the shoulder bell out (maybe) :blink:

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