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Rs Prop Masters ABS build with the HDPE helmet [*RS]

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I had a scout about for the correct red primer a couple of weeks back. It can be bought from your local mitre 10. I think its pretty expensive at $18 -$20 for a rattle can. But it is the correct stuff. If you're not quite sure what to look for, I can get you a picture when I get a chance to pick some up. As for the white, "appliance white" is a good choice if you want that off-white tint to it. It'll probly match your armour too.

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Look postman Jack'o with a box,what could it be?



The HPDE helmet is here! :D





The detail is even sharper then my RS pvc lid.


Check out the sharp edge on the right eye.




and on top of the nose.



on the lower jaw




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The thighs are done and the right shin is fixed at the front, I just got to add a strip of abs at the back and the elastic and hooks.No velcro here.




Armor build on hold while I start on the helmet.

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Helmet assembled!

It wasn't easy and I made a bit of a mess of it, but its together.

May take a touch more of the ears they look pretty thick.What do you think?













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I like the left ear, but the right (as you're looking at it) ear could use some trimming imho. But you're close! :duim:

This is just my personal opinion of course. You should do as you feel is right. :)

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Does not look like you have made a mess of it Wayne look's stunning to me :), iam with Mathias a little more trimming of the right ear ,and IMHO i think it look's much better when thers a few gap's between the ear's and the helmet,it make's it look more authentic ;)

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Thank's guy's


Ok back onto the armor.

The left shin I'm not to sure about.The outer side is inchers bigger then the inside.




But at the back both sides are the same size.




Do I assemble like Ive got it or what??

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RS's Facebook site has loads of pics of them building their own suit. In this pic you'll see they've lined up the knee line & left all the overhang at the foot:




Cheers, Andy

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I think you have glued the two modified inner parts together by the looks of it. You can tell this by how the back of the knees point upwards in the middle compared to how a correctly assembled left slopes down to the right and the right slopes down to the left looking from the back.


Those are the two modified pieces made to look like inner parts or simply made to look different since the original shins were duplicate outer pieces.


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I noticed the same thing on my suit and was wondering how I was going to deal with it. I have left the limbs alone for now and am working on the torso, but this thread will be a big help when I get to that point!


On the helmet: I had a hard time aligning mine at first too because I used the existing dimples from the "pivot screw" at the ear. Something must have shifted in the molding because if you do that there is a gap between the forehead and the cap. I moved the holes about a 1/4 to half an inch and now it seems to align correctly. But now like you I have a few more holes under there :P I may take a page from my RC plane days and soak a fiberglass cloth with epoxy and place it over the screw spots for support. I already planned on doing that to the Hovi recesses in the cheek tubes as they were pretty thin.


Also as a side note as I have about a 38 waist, the AB and kidney have about a 3 inch gap on either side. Not at all unexpected and easily shimmed, but it reaffirms how skinny those actors were.


I'd like to source a Kidney plate that was about 6 inches to the bend on either side, that would match the sculpted nature of the RS suit for trooping in, but for now I'll live with the shims when I am wearing it and leave em off for display.


Anyway great work and thanks for this thread it's really helping me out!

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I noticed the same thing on my suit and was wondering how I was going to deal with it.


Now you know how they should be assembled if you follow my advise.


If the RS parts are labelled L & R and you followed them then I think they should have a think about what they are doing. As they are you are forced to assemble them incorrectly when you could get them to fit much better if they were labelled correctly. I have noticed this on almost all of the RS builds and people are complaining about how badly they fit. Not surprising if they are marked incorrectly.


If you are in doubt, post a photo of your parts and I will let you know how they should fit together.

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Thanks Paul. The shins are labeled L and R so I matched Ls and Rs up out of the box and saw the misalignment. Wonder why they mark them that way?


I appreciate the help from more knowledgeable folks than I.

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